Don Beauty Hair Launches Website to Reverse Trend of Pricey Hair Extensions for Black Women

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Don Beauty Hair, catering to black women, recently announced the launch of a new website offering luxury hair extensions and bundles at affordable prices.

Don Beauty Hair founder Derriann Allen believes hair extensions used by black women shouldn't cost a fortune.

"As a black woman, I was frustrated with the exorbitant prices I was paying for hair extensions that looked shabby after just a week. So, I created Don Beauty Hair – a website catering to African American women.”

Alarmed by the high cost of inferior hair extensions and bundles being marketed to African American women, Don Beauty Hair recently announced the launch of a new website offering luxury hair extensions and bundles at affordable prices. Derriann Allen, CEO of Don Beauty Hair, believes that black women have long been paying too much for mediocre hair extensions and bundles.

“Don Beauty Hair is designed to reverse the trend of high prices that black women pay for inferior hair extensions and bundles,” said Allen, a certified ophthalmic technician in New York City. “As a black woman myself, I was super frustrated with the exorbitant prices I was paying for hair extensions that started to look really shabby after just a week or so. So, I made use of the extra time I had during the pandemic to create – a website catering to African American women looking for the highest-grade Virgin Brazilian hair extensions and bundles at affordable prices.”

Allen believes that hair salons and beauty supply shops understand the importance of hair to our culture, and they’ve taken advantage of that fact to charge higher prices for often poor-quality products that simply don’t last,” said Allen, a native of Jamaica who moved to New York in 2019. “My website is unique because it offers black women the highest-grade Brazilian hair extensions and bundles for just about the same price that we’ve been spending on mediocre products.”

In an effort to keep prices as low as possible, Allen, 27, is a “hands on” owner when it comes to the day-to-day operations of “I do all of the sourcing, write and operate the website, marketing, inventory products, and fulfill every order,” she said. “It’s a one-woman operation and labor of love, because I feel that every client deserves my personal attention, along with the best quality hair extensions and bundles.”

Allen says the hair extensions at are made exclusively from the finest Virgin Brazilian human hair. “I care about the integrity of each and every strand of hair, so I source my products carefully to make sure that only human hair is used… and only in its natural state. Meaning, no color dyes or chemicals are ever used to artificially enhance a product’s appearance – something that happens all too often these days,” she added.

According to Allen, one of the hair-extension challenges that black women face is trying to determine the quality of the products they purchase. “It’s almost impossible, because salons and beauty supply shops use these spectacular photos with beautiful models to make every extension look incredible,” she said. “Obviously, what they don’t say is that all-to-often they start losing their luster, becoming janky-looking or tangled. On the other hand, my hair products are virtually tangle-free, don’t shed and last up to six months. They are also extremely versatile and can be used for every conceivable style, from ponytails to wigs. In fact, they actually serve as a protective style for your real hair, which is a huge plus.”

As for choosing the hair business for her entrepreneurial debut, Derriann said it was an easy decision when thinking about starting Don Beaty Hair.

“From an early age, hair has always fascinated me,” she said. “My hometown of Mafoota, about 15 miles from Montego Bay, was dotted with charming little barber shops and hair salons offering a welcoming sense of community. As a young girl, I used to love hanging out at these shops where I could get my hair done, catch up with friends, get thoughtful advice on life’s issues from mature women, and do odd jobs for a little extra money. And I so admired the adult women who came in, how beautiful looked and dressed, and how they carried themselves… so confident and put-together.”

Starting Don Beauty hair, despite going up against companies with huge advertising budgets, is a challenge that Derriann relishes. “My father owns his own medical supply business, my grandmother farms, my cousin is a plumber and there have been barber shops in my family. Everybody in my family has their own brand and business… something they are known for. So, it was time for me to create my own brand identity, too.”

If you're wondering where the name Don Beauty Hair originated, Derriann explained it this way. “In Jamaica, the term “Don” means that you are a hard worker, have strong morals and prefer being your own boss. Don is really a state-of-mind thing… an attitude that nothing can hold you back if you give it your all. I’m so proud that my business offers black women an alternative to high priced mediocre products. After all, we’re all just trying to look our best every day, so I feel that offering fantastic hair extensions for less money isn’t asking too much.”

For more information about Don Beauty Hair and its affordable lineup of hair extensions and bundles, go to

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