Donating To Hospitals, Young Entrepreneurs' Hand Sanitizer Sweeps Internet By Storm

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It’s been a recent whirlwind of success for the founder of Z Skin Cosmetics, the need for hand sanitizer combined with the handmade elements of the brand have resulted in mass domination within the sanitizer arena.

Furthermore, on top of selling thousands of bottles, Z Skin Cosmetics has been donating bottles weekly to hospitals and healthcare workers in need

In the wake of the current health crisis, things like medical masks, disinfectants, and hand sanitizers are scarce. But Ryan Zamo, the 30-year-old entrepreneur behind Z Skin Cosmetics, has astonished customers across the globe with his ability to maintain stock of his Simply Sanitizer even while selling thousands of bottles weekly. Furthermore, on top of the massive increase in sales Z Skin Cosmetics has been donating dozens of bottles weekly to hospitals and healthcare workers in need, Zamo commented, “We never sold a lot of our sanitizer before the pandemic, but because we’ve become so blessed with this windfall of success, the least we can do is donate to those in need.”

It seems a bit suspect that a small business can keep up with an influx of orders, while in contrast, large manufacturing plants seem to lag. We asked Zamo what his secret is to maintaining supply; he told us, “Well, we are a handcrafted organic skincare brand. That means we are constantly disinfecting everything and maintaining a sterile environment. Therefore, we always have ample stock of the ingredients needed to make our sanitizer.” But besides having the ingredients, there is also one more aspect to his ability to keep up with the demand; he added, “You can have all the ingredients in the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to fill big orders. It’s because we make every product to order, which means a few things. First, since we make our products, we don’t have any “stock items,” meaning nothing is just sitting around waiting to be sold. And second, that means we have no inventory, so we make the products as the orders are placed.”

Furthermore, according to the business owner, over 90% of original customers have come back and ordered more units from him, he commented, “Our sanitizer is a sanitizer lotion, it gets the job done, but it doesn’t dry out your hands. It moisturizes your hands too, and with the terrible weather conditions, it’s a combination of two things everyone needs right now.”

With the ability to maintain stock and keep orders going out, Z Skin Cosmetics has been on the top of its game. While other companies are back-ordered and unable to fill large orders, Zamo is busy working hard to get his customers their hand sanitizers within 2-3 days. Between major businesses ordering from Z Skin Cosmetics as well as a flood of global consumers in need of hand sanitizer, the entrepreneur seems to be keeping up well with the spike in orders.

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