Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Offers Skin Care Tips Tied to Coronavirus; Lexli Founder Discusses the Potential Downside of Hand Sanitizer and Important Skin Care Precautions

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Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder/lead formulator of the Lexli Skin Care line, shares suggested modification to skin care routines in light of the coronavirus, as well as tips to ensure optimal skin integrity while consistently using hand sanitizers and soaps.

Dr. Ahmed Abdullah is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the founder/lead formulator at Lexli Skin Care.

Dr. Ahmed Abdullah is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the founder/lead formulator at Lexli Skin Care.

"The frequent use of hand soaps and hand sanitizers is key to minimizing the spread of the coronavirus. The challenge is that the ingredients in these products that kill the virus are the same ones that wreak havoc on our skin." - Dr. Ahmed Abdullah

As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus begin to increase in the United States, it’s important to take every precaution against spread of the virus – including evaluating your skin care routine. That’s according to Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, a board-certified plastic surgeon and the founder and lead product formulator at Lexli International, the premier line of aloe vera skin care.

“Like all coronaviruses, this novel strain is spread through respiratory droplets. For that reason, good hygiene practices and limited proximity to others is key to minimizing the potential for catching it,” said Abdullah. “It’s vital that we avoid touching our faces, as the virus enters our system via our nose, eyes and mouth. This presents a unique challenge when applying makeup and skin care.”

According to Abdullah, the same good hygiene practices that always apply to our skin care routines become even more important now with the risk of a global pandemic. He advises the following precautions:

1. Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before applying makeup or skin care products. Blot skin dry with a clean towel. He advises that towels be laundered after every use.
2. When using makeup or skin care products in a jar, always use a clean cosmetic spatula or cotton swab to scoop out product. Do not share products with others or use the public product testers found in beauty stores.
3. While facial cleansing is typically necessary just 1-2x per day. Dr. Abdullah suggests that adding a mid-day facial cleanse is an appropriate precaution in light of the coronavirus risk.

On the topic of hand washing and hand sanitizer use, Dr. Abdullah suggests this is, by far, the most important practice for minimizing the spread of coronavirus. “No part of our body touches the outside world more than our hands so it’s no surprise that they are teeming with bacteria and germs.” He explains that, “because coronavirus is surrounded by a lipid layer, it is easily dissolved by the use of soap and water or hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol. However, the ingredients that kill coronavirus are also the ingredients that dry out our skin and that leads to a host of additional problems.” In addition to being uncomfortable, dry skin can become cracked, which creates a risk for skin infections.

To maintain skin integrity, Dr. Abdullah advises that immediately after washing skin or using hand sanitizer, a moisturizing product is used, such as a hydrating moisturizer for the face and a rich lotion for hands. Damage from hand sanitizers can be minimized through the use of products that incorporate moisturizing ingredients. He advises looking for ingredients like propylene glycol, squalene and glycerin.

Given the current shortage of hand sanitizers, Dr. Abdullah suggests that consumers can simply and affordably make their own effective hand sanitizer by mixing two commonly found ingredients: one part aloe vera gel and two parts isopropyl alcohol.

While it’s easy to panic with coronavirus leading the headlines each day, Dr. Abdullah offers a different perspective. “For most individuals, the symptoms of this strain of coronavirus will be similar to any other flu. The biggest risk is to those with compromised health and immune symptoms. It’s important not to panic and to take practical steps to ensure protection.”

About Lexli:
Founded in 1996 by Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, a board-certified plastic surgeon and noted aloe researcher, Lexli is the premier line of aloe vera skin care products. The company offers a full-range of advanced solutions for daily skin maintenance, specific skin concerns and the signs of aging, including AloeGlyC®, the advanced facial glycolic acid exfoliator; Lightening Lift, a unique aloe vera face mask; and the Acne Kit, one of the most potent and comprehensive acne treatments available over-the-counter.

Lexli products are sold by licensed skin care professionals throughout the United States and in select countries worldwide, as well as online at the Lexli website.

For more information visit lexli.com, Facebook or Instagram.

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