Dr. Christine Kaczmar Releases Controversial "Gut Check" Book

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The first step to improving digestion is to understand why we get sick in the first place. Hint: M.D.'s seldom reveal this. Once we recognize how the body becomes stressed, we can effectively incorporate timeless healing principles to support lasting energy, longevity and vitality. Ancient cultures knew it. Modern medicine chose to ignore it.

"Your body needs fuel for energy. Like gasoline to a car, our body needs fuel to complete all of the complex functions required throughout the day. Now is the time to discuss how food is the real medicine, not prescription drugs. Only food supplies our body's with healing energy."

Dr. Christine Kaczmar, a functional medicine doctor in Michigan, has created a stir with the release of her book, "Gut Check: How The Broken Medical Model Is Creating More Sickness And Why Timeless Healing Principles Are Needed Now". In her book, Dr. Christine discusses the biggest obstacles impeding our health...Symptoms. Dr. Christine explains that judging our health by how we feel rather than how we function is causing an excessive consumption of harmful prescription meds.

In "Gut Check", Dr. Christine engages the reader with what she calls "healing violations". She writes, "Prescription medications do not normalize function. It is impossible for them to do so because they are not foods. In the immortal words of Hippocrates, Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

Further, in what Dr. Christine explains as the broken medical model, patients are fed up with their M.D.'s quick decision to medicate. The conversation about the source of stress and root cause is seldom discussed let alone the origin diet and digestion have on one's health.

Many M.D.'s have little training in nutrition or the essential role food has in healing the body. Their main focus is to recommend more drugs and this is where a distinctive conflict of interest exists. The robust pharmaceutical companies want doctors to prescribe their expensive medications. In fact, Big Pharma spends more money on marketing their products than they do on researching their safety. In Congress, only a handful of politicians have refused campaign donations from these drug companies. We have a crisis on our hands. The road to health is being ignored in favor of symptom chasing with the latest pill.

According to Dr. Christine, "Food is energy. When one has symptoms such as Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn and so on, these are warning signs that the digestive process is under strain. These are all examples of energy deficiencies. Since we get our energy from properly digesting food, we need to look to food for their healing properties just like ancient cultures once did. Throwing more prescription medications at symptoms is never going to supply the body or the gut with energy. Only food can do that." Dr. Christine aims to bring awareness and change to all of this and more with her "Gut Check" book.

About Dr. Christine Kaczmar
Dr. Christine Kaczmar, "The Digestion Doc", is a functional medicine doctor practicing in Shelby Township, Michigan. With her busy digestive practice, she utilizes her proprietary GUT Protocol to determine each patient's unique 14-Point Digestive Stress fingerprint. She is also the CEO of Omega Digestion and formulator of 5 digestive healing botanicals used for Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, constipation, heartburn, and more. Dr. Christine releases a new digestive health podcast every Tuesday at 6am. Her podcast is called Smart Digestion Radio. For more information on Dr. Christine, please visit http://www.TheDigestionDoctor.com or call 586-685-2222.

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