Dr. Ozge Ergun Answers F.A.Q Before and After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Dr. Ozge Ergun answers Frequently Asked Questions before and after breast augmentation surgery (breast implant).

Who is qualified for breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation operations are among the most satisfying operations for our patients. The women who, for personal reasons, think that their breasts are too little or whose breasts shrink in volume after pregnancy may undergo a breast augmentation intervention in order to have well-contoured breasts proportionate to their bodies. In some cases, the breasts of a woman congenitally differ in size –which can be corrected by breast augmentation. In addition, breast augmentation can be used as a reconstructive technique after a breast surgery performed because of cancer or a trauma.

Is it possible to find an implant which is suitable to my body?

Silicone implants produced by various firms are currently available in different structures and shapes. Thanks to this situation, together with the patient, we can decide on the size as well as the contour of the breast.

Can anything else be used instead of implants?

In breast augmentation operations, fat injections may be used instead of implants in order to augment the breast. But this method is used for selected patients only. Fat injection may be performed on those patients who do not desire a major augmentation or those who have asymmetrical breasts. The augmentation achieved with this method may not be permanent and it may be necessary to repeat the procedure.

How should I prepare myself before the operation?

As in any kind of operation, you should not use anticoagulant medicines or similar drugs during the week before the breast augmentation operation.

For any kind of breast operation, mammography or breast USG is recommended for the patients over 40 years, and breast USG is recommended for the patients younger than 40 years. Considering the future follow-ups, it is essential to have a radiological image taken before the procedure to be performed on the breast. Mammography/breast USG is taken once again after a year following the operation.

Where are the breast augmentation operations performed?

Breast augmentation operations are performed in the surgery room of a fully equipped hospital.

How long does the operation take?

In general, a breast augmentation operation is completed in an hour.

What difference does it make to emplace the breast implant beneath the muscle or on the muscle?

Submuscular breast prosthesis implantation is believed to reduce the risk of capsular contracture. In this type of prosthesis emplacement, mammographic examination findings may be affected less in comparison to the method in which the prosthesis is emplaced immediately beneath the breast tissue. Nevertheless, submuscular implantation of the prosthesis may lead to a higher level of pain for a few days following the procedure compared to other types of implantation.

What will I experience after the operation?

Since only subcuticular sutures are used, you will not have to have your stitches removed.

You may feel tired for a few days following the operation, and during this period of time, you may have some pain which can be relieved by painkillers. However, you can normally start to move in 24-48 hours. Medicines will relieve most of the discomfort you may feel.

After a few days, the surgical pads –if any- are removed and you receive a surgical bra. You will need to wear this bra for a period of time.

Is breast augmentation a painful procedure?

You may have mild pain for a few days following the operation. In such a case you may use painkillers. Since your breasts may be oversensitive to direct stimulation for two to three weeks, you should avoid high physical contact. After some time and the pain disappears, physical contact with your breasts gives no harm.

Besides, you may have a burning sensation at your nipples for a few weeks but this complaint will fade away as the bruises disappear.

How long will it take for me to resume my ordinary life after the operation?

Depending on the level of activity your occupation requires, you will be able to turn back to work in a few days.

Will the operation leave any scars?

The operation marks will be rough and pink during the first 6 weeks. They will remain the same or even seem to expand for the following few months. After this period of time, the scars will start to shrink. Although the scars will never disappear totally, they will fade.

What if I get pregnant? Will I be able to breastfeed?

There are no findings which demonstrate any impact of breast implants on fertility, pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, if you have breastfed a baby during the year preceding the breast augmentation operation, lactation may occur for a few days following the surgery. Although a little discomforting, this situation can be controlled by medication.


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