Dr. Robb Farms to Conduct Independent Research Trial of AeroBloom Advanced Cultivation System

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Industry Leading Plant Scientist to Verify AeroBloom Yield and Water Usage Claims

AeroBloom Cultivation Systems


could represent a new paradigm in indoor cannabis cultivation, a potentially disruptive event in our industry

Aeroponics Integrated Systems Inc., (AIS) the Los Angeles-based manufacturer of AeroBloom advanced cultivation systems, today announced that it has entered into an independent research agreement with Dr. Robb Farms Inc., a leading cannabis cultivator and industry consultant, to conduct a third-party verification trial of its next-generation aeroponics technology.

Under the terms of the agreement, Dr. Robert Flannery, Dr. Robb Farms CEO, will serve as study director and principal investigator. Known as the first PhD of pot, Dr. Flannery is among the cannabis industry’s leading plant scientists. The intent of the study is to provide independent verification of the increased yield and reduced water usage claims made by AIS in association with its aeroponics cultivation system.

AIS CEO Steve Crane says, “Our patent-pending aeroponics cultivation technology is the result of nearly 30 years of hands-on development in cannabis cultivation by our co-founder. We have historically averaged 4lbs of ultra-high quality, dried, cured and hand-trimmed flower per light, while using 40% less water than hydroponics. We fully expect to meet or exceed those statistics in the trial with Dr. Robb Farms.”

“I have grown cannabis in every conceivable medium and process, and have considerable experience with aeroponics. When I learned of the AeroBloom system, I was eager to document its performance at our research and development facility. Obviously, if it performs as advertised it could represent a new paradigm in indoor cannabis cultivation, a potentially disruptive event in our industry”, says Dr. Flannery.

The trial will entail a side-by-side comparison of two identically sized and outfitted cultivation containers using Dr. Robb Farms’ state-of-the-art hydroponics as the control and the AIS aeroponics system as the trial subject. Study objectives are: (a) verify AIS aeroponics system production yield of finished flower per light over one flower cycle, as compared to control; (b) verify water usage reduction, as compared to control; (c) verify nutrient efficiency due to a reduction in nutrient usage; and (d) verify flower quality parameters as compared to control.

The parties are now actively preparing for the initiation of the trial and expect to complete it by the fall of 2020. In the event that trial endpoints are achieved, Dr. Flannery will author a white paper at the conclusion of the trial.

About Aeroponics Integrated Systems Inc.
AIS has developed AeroBloom, a proprietary, patent-pending aeroponics system that reliably achieves at least double the crop yield of hydroponic cultivation. AIS growing technology uses 40%-90% less water than hydroponics or traditional farming practices and produces a higher-quality harvest with one additional crop cycle per year.

About Dr. Robb Farms Inc.
The mission of Dr. Robb Farms is to provide quality, pesticide-free medicine to the California market. At our core, we believe that this plant and our product can help enhance the quality of life and health of our customers. Above all we believe using science allows us to be transparent, and to trust that we have created the safest quality product for our customers. This is a product made with care, for the people we care about.

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