Drivers Are Recommended To Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online Every Six Months

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“Drivers are recommended to check the insurance market at every six months. By doing this, they can see if their insurance rates are still completive or they should find better deals”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that explains why is important for drivers to obtain car insurance quotes periodically.

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To make sure their car insurance rates are still competitive, drivers are recommended to check the car insurance market at least twice per year. Insurance rates change frequently and different factors can lead to cheaper or more expensive premiums.

Drivers are recommended to check online prices every six months, because of the following events:

  •     Insurance rates change frequently. Car insurance providers change their rates many times throughout the year to take into consideration various risk factors. Drivers can save time and money if they purchase insurance several weeks before a dangerous period begins. For example, drivers in the Northeast states can purchase a better insurance deal several months before the winter starts.
  •     The credit score changed. Insurance companies use the drivers' credit score when they determine the insurance premiums paid by them. Drivers with a good credit score will pay lower car insurance, while drivers with a bad credit score will pay more on their premiums.
  •     Legislation modifications. The laws and requirements regarding car insurance differ from state to state and can be changed at any time.
  •     Drivers have kept continuous coverage and lowered the risk profile. New drivers and those who have a long lapse in their coverage history pay more on their premiums. To pay less on their insurance rates, they have to maintain coverage for at least six months.
  •     The value of a vehicle is constantly diminishing. The value of a car drops immediately after purchase. Policyholders should not pay the same premiums on a vehicle that has a significantly lower value than in the moment they agree to purchase insurance.
  •     Important life events. Important life events like getting married, moving to a low crime rate neighborhood, or getting a job closer to the place they live can help drivers pay less on their insurance rates.

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