Drivers Can Save Money on Car Insurance If They Have Anti-Theft Devices Installed in Their Vehicles

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“Anti-theft devices can help drivers protect their vehicles from thieves and save money on insurance. Advanced anti-theft devices can help drivers save as much as 25%, while basic devices may save drivers 1% to 3%.”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents how anti-theft devices can help drivers pay lower car insurance rates.

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Anti-theft devices can help drivers reduce the risk of having their cars stolen. Most new vehicles come equipped with some form of anti-theft device. Drivers who own older vehicles can make their cars safer by installing one or more anti-theft devices that are available on the market.

To find out more about anti-theft devices and how they can help lower the insurance premiums, read the following:

  • Most providers are offering discounts for installed anti-theft devices. GEICO offers its customers a discount of up to 25% for anti-theft gear. Other insurers offer discounts between 3% to 15%., depending on the type of anti-theft device installed. Drivers should know that this discount is only offered to the comprehensive coverage part on an insurance plan. Drivers who only have liability coverage are unlikely to significantly reduce their insurance premiums, even if they have an anti-theft device installed.
  • What anti-theft devices are available on the market. There’s a wide range of anti-theft devices available to anyone. Systems like LoJack or OnStar can remotely shut down the vehicle in the event of theft. GPS trackers can let vehicle owners monitor their car’s location after it’s stolen. Many drivers have active or passive car alarm systems installed on their cars. Some alarms might make a loud noise when someone reaches through the windshield, while other systems might silently alert emergency personnel in the event of theft. Etching the vehicle identification number (VIN) into the windshield is another anti-theft measure.
  • How much money drivers can save. This type of discount can vary widely between providers. Some companies offer steep discounts for OnStar, for example, but they hardly offer anything for car alarms. Some drivers are getting discounts that are as low as 1%. Drivers who have advanced anti-theft devices like OnStar or other remote shutdown systems installed in their vehicles can save as much as 25%. However, anti-theft devices are becoming more common and the chances to get a huge discount are smaller. Even advanced anti-theft devices are not that uncommon on newer vehicles. The good news is that some providers stack anti-theft device discounts. In this case, for example, a driver can get a 10% discount for OnStar and a 3% discount for a car alarm. This means that the driver can obtain a premium bill that is 13% lower.

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