Drivers Should Consider Getting Online Car Insurance Quotes Before Dropping Coverage

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“Driving without insurance should be avoided. The legal and financial penalties uninsured drivers can face are tremendous”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that explains why drivers should obtain online car insurance quotes before dropping coverage.

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Persons driving without insurance or without sufficient coverage are being exposed to various legal and financial penalties. Also, drivers caught driving without insurance will have to handle bigger problems in the long term. For example, uninsured drivers will likely have their insurance applications rejected by the standard, cheaper insurance carriers. Before dropping coverage, the best thing to do is to get online quotes and check if there are any better insurance deals from other providers.

Uninsured drivers can face the following penalties:

  • License suspension. Drivers caught driving without insurance will have their driver’s license suspended in 44 states. The duration of this penalty depends on the number of subsequent traffic violations and the state’s law.
  • Drivers risk having their vehicles impounders and their registrations revoked. Usually, this happens when an uninsured driver is causing an accident. A court will likely order for the vehicle to be impounded and the registration to be revoked. Also, the court will order the uninsured driver to carry an SR-22 form for a period that is no longer than 3 years, as a condition to drive again.
  • Fines. Depending on each state’s traffic laws, the fines for driving without insurance can be as low as $25 to as high as $5,000. Fortunately, drivers can get their tickets canceled if they can show proof of insurance in a reasonable time. However, this is only available for drivers that can prove they were actually insured at the time they were stopped and they just simply didn’t carry proof of insurance with them.
  • Drivers will need to pay the costs to get back their driving privileges. Drivers will need to pay all the fees associated with the suspension. To get their registration back, drivers will have to show proof of at least 6 months of liability coverage and pay for the registration reinstatement fees.
  • Expensive insurance premiums. Drivers who got caught driving without insurance are considered high-risk. For this reason, insurance companies will charge extra on their premiums.

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