Earth Day Celebrated By Robert Weir & Sharon Kleyne On Kleyne Talk Radio

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Earth Day observed throughout the world on April 22nd every year. Sharon Kleyne Talk Radio discovers Earth Day significance for every human on the planet.

Date aired: April 22nd, 2019

Guest: Robert Weir, Earth Day Advocate & World Citizen

Earth Day began in 1970 as an annual event supporting environmental protection. Today, marking the 49th Earth Day, includes events in more than 193 countries worldwide. These events are coordinated by the Earth Day Network and supported by billions around the globe, including international traveler, author and speaker Robert Weir and Water Life Science® inventor Sharon Kleyne, host of the internationally syndicated weekly The Sharon Kleyne Hour Water Life Science®/Nature’s Pharma®, The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica.

For twelve years, Kleyne has welcomed guests like Weir to her weekly talk radio program and has put the show to work teaching millions everywhere about the Power of Water®, Water Life Science®, body water vapor evaporation, evaporation of the atmosphere, dry eye caused by evaporation and her Trade Secret tissue culture grade 100 percent pure water mist for supplementing the eyes and skin. Earth Day is an especially important day for Kleyne, Weir and so many others who serve as stewards of our precious planet earth.

Earth Day is new but also old. In Sumerian culture, Earth Day was celebrated on the date of Goddess Inanna’s (later Ishtar) return from the Underworld. The Greek myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone is an almost identical tale to the story of Earth Day around which celebrations are still held every year. The Jewish Passover and the Christian Easter are essentially Earth Day celebrations.

“Water blankets 70 percent of our world,” says Weir, author of Peace, Justice, Care of Earth and 15 other books. Weir, an extensive traveler who considers himself a citizen of the world adds, “It’s the only essential element on earth.” Yet, one in every three people lives in water-poor countries. That is why celebrations of water and the natural world are so necessary to life itself. Especially to water that is the breath of life. “Nature-based celebrations are natural to us,” says Weir. “Celebrations help us tap back into the rhythm of a butterfly’s wings, the rhythm of a breeze, the rhythm of running water and the oceans, the rhythm of life.”

“A proactively healthy life,” says Water Life Science® innovator and dry eye researcher Kleyne, “depends on being in natural rhythm with the earth and the universe. Without water, peace, happiness and coming together, we won’t be able to live healthy lives and make sure that earth will be here for eternity,” adds Water Life Science® advocate and dry eye activist Kleyne.

If you would like to listen to the talk radio program featuring the conversation between Robert Weir, author of 16 books and world speaker and traveler and dry eye expert and Power of Water® talk radio host and Water Life Science® lifestyle and dry eye educator Sharon Kleyne about Earth Day, water habits, Water Life Science® and water health education, follow this link:

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