Earth’s Edge Wellness Offers a New Approach to an Old Problem: Healing Eating Disorders from the Inside Out

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Bridging the gap between holistic and scientifically informed treatment, Earth’s Edge Wellness practitioners are finding success with an improved way to conceptualize disordered eating.

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"By utilizing bio-energetic practices, such as breathwork, yoga/meditation and Reiki, in a concrete way, alongside Western eating disorder practices, clients can achieve a healthy relationship with food," says founder Yoni Banayan.

Licensed marriage and family therapist and Earth's Edge Wellness founder Yoni Banayan attributes their program’s success due to the non-traditional way they conceptualize eating disorders and disordered eating. The professional team at this practice view eating issues as a primarily dissociative disorder with an underlying psychological disorder. Conventionally, psychotherapy has always held the light at the end of the tunnel. However, as more and more Eastern practices filter into popular culture, it is apparent that psychotherapy alone is a rudimentary process to help this complex disorder. While the mental/psychological components of an eating disorder must be addressed, the practitioners at Earth’s Edge Wellness have found that true healing starts and finishes in the body. Yoni Banayan and his staff believe that when patients are taught to reconnect back to their bodies, healing occurs as a natural byproduct of any living organism. People do not need to know how to heal, they need to know how to remove the illness or programming getting in the way of their natural functioning. From learning about hunger and emotional cues to understanding each individual’s perception of the body, healing is intricately intertwined with addressing the sensations and energy in the body. Patients find that when the body and mind are functioning as a complete and overlapping system, conducive or sustainable results are produced. For most clients, this concept takes a very practical form with reconnecting to the body in a highly somatic and intimate way, learning to self-regulate and more importantly, strengthening their nervous system via movements that stimulate the vagus nerve, adrenal and other glands. Once an Earth's Edge Wellness client learns these practices, they can create positive results and are empowered and self-informed enough to take their healing into their own hands. By following the individualized treatment program, after 2-3 months, most clients understand what they need to do and can follow through on individualized daily practices that will keep their mind and body aligned long term.

"By utilizing bio-energetic practices, such as breathwork, yoga/meditation and Reiki, in a result-oriented and concrete way, alongside Western eating disorder practices like trauma-informed psychotherapy, somatic experiencing and intuitive eating, clients can achieve a healthy relationship with food," says founder Yoni Banayan.

More About Earth’s Edge Wellness:

Earth’s Edge Wellness’ holistic approach is simple: humans have similar overall structures, but everyone has different needs and requires a slightly different approach. They talk to clients and gather a team of practitioners with matching skill sets and personalities so clients can get to a place where food, body or exercise and life itself are sources of joy instead of pain. The team directly addresses concerns by using techniques that involve the body as well as the unconscious mind. With Earth’s Edge Wellness, those with disordered eating can create a long-term support system to get back to living life. For more information, please call 702-582-9474 or visit

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