Edge Computing Alleviates the Burden of 2.5 Quintillion Bytes of Data

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We are experiencing exponential data volume growth, heightened demand for data management, ubiquitous use of AI, and rising cloud storage costs. Choice IOT, an industry expert in the emerging technology of Edge Computing, bringing innovation to clients without inflating data costs.

“Our clients prefer a company that offers a complete, accurate picture of their data map and data usage,” concludes Sadana. “They want to reduce wireless costs and ensure global connectivity for all of their IoT, M2M, NB-IOT, Data, SMS and Voice Plans.

There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created daily, accelerating with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Correspondingly, global spending in industrial IoT software and hardware is expected to explode to $1.1 trillion in 2023. How does this rapid growth in technology affect the consumer? –By creating a plethora of opportunities for us to do more, improve our business models, and enjoy our lives. However, each innovation begets complications. Now, an emerging technology—Edge Computing—is promising to ease the cost of data storage. This tool will enable devices to analyze information in real-time, only send relevant data to the cloud, increase connectivity, and decrease down-time. (1) (2)

“Choice IOT is positioned at the intersection of Edge Computing, the future of the Internet of Things (IOT), and the growth of data,” says Darren Sadana, Choice IOT’s CEO. “By combining all areas of data with innovative features, we can leverage Edge Computing and smarter devices. Companies can reduce their need for data to be brought back to the central cloud to be analyzed, significantly reducing the cost and congestion of storing large quantities of data in the cloud.”
“Within the industry, more devices are being deployed and smarter devices are coming on line every day,” he continues. “Any smart device that does not need to transmit data back to a hub to send a signal can easily be controlled locally. As devices get smarter, it keeps costs down, enabling them to run optimally.”

Why Edge Computing Will Transform Data Monitoring

  • The increasing volume of data to manage has skyrocketed over the last two years alone, where 90 percent of the data in the world was generated. (2)
  • Furthermore, it is predicated that users will create 163 zettabytes of data annually by 2025. This is about 10 times as much as in 2016, with the IoT devices contributing 95% of that volume. (3)
  • Edge Computing plays a significant role in computers, storage, and network resources outside of the network core, but closer to the end user and their IoT devices. This reduces bandwidth and improves performance. These challenges also help solve low latency, connection reliability, and data management for IoT devices. (4)
  • With the approaching avalanche of data being produced as a result of the increasing number of IoT devices being used, will further congest the cloud so it cannot adequately support AI functions. (5)

“Our clients prefer a company that offers a complete, accurate picture of their data map and data usage,” concludes Sadana. “They want to reduce wireless costs and ensure global connectivity for all of their IoT, M2M, NB-IOT, Data, SMS and Voice Plans.

The Choice IOT data management suite is a cloud-based solution for connectivity and management for Solution Providers that provides data management and real-time insight into their data performance. It offers greater visibility into account status, real-time data usage with analytics, alerts, and management functionality decisions on local vs. cloud deployment of data. All of these components enable better decision making, 24/7/365.

About Choice IoT

Choice IoT provides a wireless connectivity and an IoTSaaS management platform for IoT-based solutions providers in the consumer-facing, public, industrial, and infrastructural sectors. They were awarded Top 50 Smartest Companies of 2018 by the Silicon Review and Channel Vision’s Visionary Spotlight Awards for Top Innovation, Service Provider Enablement, and Enterprise Technology in 2019. With a business model based on ease of use and transparency, Choice IoT is dedicated to helping its customers deploy their solutions with maximum control and the lowest possible connectivity cost. For more information, please see http://www.choiceiot.com.

About Darren Sadana

Darren started the Cellular Plus retail brand in 1993 after receiving his Master’s in Finance from Hofstra University. Today, his network has grown into a Master Agency for T-Mobile and Metro PCS, with more than 400 retail locations across the country. Choice Entities currently achieves in excess of 30,000 activations per month and continues to grow due to strategic partnerships and streamlined systems that Darren has implemented.

His vision is to make Choice IoT an enterprise-grade Sales and Support organization enabling IoT Solution Providers with efficient systems that will allow them to achieve the same level of growth and success as Choice Entities. His experience in helping Partners and Dealers grow in the wireless space is unmatched, and his dedication to truly help his Partners is what his reputation and success was founded on.

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