Educative Partners with Bootcamps as COVID-19 Takes Tech Training Online To A New Level

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Software Development courses amongst the most popular

Darek Johnson, the CEO of CodeBreakers explained that “Educative helps prepare our students for our resources, and it saves us time."

The ever-growing demand for software talent in 2020 has taken a toll on university education. As millions have switched to remote learning, university educators have expressed concerns that access to resources and reduced class interactivity are failing to meet the tech workforce gap. Companies such as Educative, the leading interactive learning platform for software developers, are partnering with Bootcamps to best fill the gap left by the pandemic on tech education.

Educative helps Bootcamps meet the new heightened demand for real-time learning. Bootcamps around the world, such as CodeBreakers, InterviewBoost, Coding Ninjas, and Developers Institute, are supplementing their curriculums with Educative’s courses with everything from data structures to interviews. And the results have been impressive. In fact, Educative’s FAANG recruiting partners have seen a 13% increase in interview-to-hire rate among candidates who've taken Educative courses.

Darek Johnson, the CEO of CodeBreakers explained that “Educative helps prepare our students for our resources, and it saves us time. Moreover, there are enough courses on Educative that even if a student isn’t quite ready for an advanced one, I can redirect them to another resource within Educative."

Recent numbers report that there are 17% more job openings than workers in the tech market, and only 11% of business leaders express confidence that college graduates are prepared for the workplace. Universities are struggling to cope with this need, and the structure of computer science programs lacks the speed to fill the gap.

Coding bootcamps bolstered by Educative’s courses help to level the playing field and make learning more personalized than any university program. People come to coding bootcamps with different levels of capabilities and programming backgrounds. Coding Bootcamps have even made programming accessible to historically ignored minority groups. 51% of employers credit coding bootcamps with helping folks from underrepresented backgrounds find work in tech.

With shifting perceptions about higher education and companies like Google, Apple, and IBM announcing that they no longer require employees to earn college degrees, more people are looking towards non-traditional learning techniques to prepare for the workplace, namely coding bootcamps.

In fact, in 2019, the coding bootcamp market grew by over 4.38%, and that number is expected to grow significantly in 2020 due to the demand for alternative online education during the Coronavirus lockdowns. Tech education has never been more accessible, with people needing only a WiFi connection to have thousands of courses at their fingertips.

In recent years, coding bootcamps continue to give four-year computer science university degrees tough competition, not just in terms of the number of people enrolling but also the number of people being hired. 80% of employers surveyed on Indeed claim to have hired Bootcamp graduates.

In 2020, more and more large companies have announced that graduation from coding bootcamps is a hireable education, including Penguin Random House, Costco, Apple, Bank of America, and more. Bootcamps have become a mainstay in the tech landscape, and these online learning environments may be the solution to our tech talent gap.

Services like Educative help to level the playing field and bring accessible, personalized education to learners of all levels. In fact, Educative even helps coding bootcamps with their interview preparation, a topic that is of immense struggle to most graduates. Educative is the only tech learning platform with a dedicated interview prep section, focusing on helping software developers improve their chances of landing their dream jobs.

About Educative
Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Educative is an interactive online learning platform designed for the unique needs of software developers. It was co-founded by Fahim ul Haq and Naeem Ul Haq, former engineers at Microsoft and Facebook, who realized that the one size fits all tutorials and online forums developers rely on to learn new languages and update skills were not meeting the needs of today’s software engineers. Used by individuals and tech companies alike, Educative’s interactive, text-based courses help software developers learn more quickly and efficiently than any other platform. To learn more about the company, visit their website at

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