Enerjoy® Radiant Panels Installed in Trane Engineering Building

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Using Enerjoy electric ceiling heaters provides an effective solution to heat loss and condensation in buildings with glass perimeters while providing optimal thermal comfort

Enerjoy radiant panels, manufactured by SSHC, Inc., have been installed at the Trane Engineering Building in Wisconsin to minimize perimeter heat loss and condensation as well as to provide optimal occupant thermal comfort.

Glass walls or windows can be a major source of heat loss. Frequently in colder climates, in buildings with or without low-E glass installed, perimeter seating can be a comfort issue.

Ceiling-mounted Enerjoy radiant heat panels are an effective problem-solver for heat loss and condensation. Glass is opaque to long wave infrared radiant heat. By placing radiant panels in relatively close proximity to perimeter windows, the long-wave heat bounces off the glass and back into the room or area. This warms the glass, floor and other surfaces, thereby reradiating to warm air as well, making perimeter space useable up to the edge of the building. Enerjoy infrared radiant heat is disbursed at an 80 degree angle down and out from the ceiling mounted panel. The direct source-to-object heat transfer eliminates significant parasitic losses.

Unlike with hot water systems used for zone heat and reheat, Enerjoy radiant panels have no parasitic losses from boiler inefficiencies or transmission. In a study conducted by the Center for the Built Environment, hot water energy reheat systems delivered only 17% of the energy consumed by the system due primarily to boiler inefficiency at ultra-low part loads, distribution losses and pumping power.

At Trane, the renovation team wanted to remove the perimeter heating duct to expose more glass area and create a pleasant and comfortable environment for collaboration, despite proximity to the north-facing exposure. With no hydronic system nearby, electric radiant on the ceiling was a simple, effective solution. The Enerjoy radiant ceiling panels are flush-mounted near the perimeter, parallel to the perimeter glass and the dropped T-bar ceiling. Heaters were custom painted to match the alcove ceiling surface.

According to Richard Watson, President of SSHC, Inc., Enerjoy radiant panels are a popular heating problem-solver in restaurants, offices, homes and museums where perimeter glass requires comfort remediation.

Enerjoy heating modules located on the perimeter of a building can be part of a system designed to closely approximate the ideal HVAC comfort situation. A central air conditioning system, typically a variable air volume system, handles cooling for the interior zones and supplies tempered fresh air. There can be as many thermostats as there are people or offices, if so desired. Localized occupant heat control provides heat only when, where, and as much as needed for occupant thermal comfort. Ductwork is optimized for cooling and required air change during occupancy.

By remediating the major source of heat loss and heating the mass surface radiantly, temperature is maintained at a comfortable level and condensation issues are managed, making all valuable floor space functional. Operating costs are low as little heat is required. SSHC, Inc.'s radiant panels have the additional benefits of needing no maintenance and requiring no ductwork. The heaters are completely silent and emit neither dust, germs nor viruses.

Enerjoy radiant modules represent an optimum approach to heating commercial office space: low first cost, efficient use of energy, flexible zoning and easy adaptation to changing office arrangement and floor plans. Enerjoy radiant panels are proudly made in the U.S.A.

For more information, call SSHC, Inc. at (860) 399-5434, visit https://www.sshcinc.com or email info@sshcinc.com

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