Enso Discoveries launches a new Nutraceuticals product development division geared toward delivering scientifically meaningful products to healthcare professionals

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Using their long-standing development expertise to create high value products backed by science and sterility to ensure the greatest value to customers, Enso Discoveries, LLC is launching a proprietary Colorado family-farmed CBD product with complete provenance, to finally give physicians, veterinarians and healthcare workers assurance in recommending CBD to their patients.

Enso Nutraceuticals' Zo CBD Oil™ is made from our non-GMO hemp grown on our farm in Colorado using pesticide-free natural farming methods.

There are more than a dozen bioactive compounds in hemp, we utilize a proprietary process to ensure we include as many as possible. This isn’t the cheapest way to process hemp. This doesn’t give us the greatest quantity of oils. But it does give us the best QUALITY.

Enso Nutraceuticals, LLC proudly announces the creation of its first product, which they feel is the most scientifically sound and effective CBD offered today, Zo CBD Oil™. “With so many CBD products on the market, the choices are almost overwhelming. These choices create more confusion than confidence as many products are mislabeled, the same product has multiple different names, no real CBD is in some bottles, some have celebrities’ add-ons and very little if any provenance is proven with the product—as you see more and more Hemp coming in from overseas. After asking many physicians, veterinarians and health care workers if they get asked to recommend a CBD, we received an overwhelming YES—we get asked often, but NO—we won’t recommend one—as they have no idea where the CBD comes from. We intend to change that and give them a better choice they can now have confidence in,” Patrick Farley, CEO Enso Discoveries, LLC explains as to why Zo CBD Oil was developed.

Our Solution: First let’s start with the hemp—Zo CBD hemp is grown with non-GMO, pesticide-free farming methods and harvested at our family farm in Colorado. Using only natural fertilizers and our own quality-tested ground water source—we test continuously to ensure our soil and products are free from pesticides and heavy metals. We then continue to test at every stage of the process until the CBD is bottled. The Certificates of Analysis (COA) can be read with a simple scan of the barcode found on each bottle and will change accordingly with each new batch produced and bottled. After the hemp is processed into CBD oil using our very proprietary formulated processing methods at a new state of the art multimillion dollar, fully licensed and inspected facility in Kansas, our CBD oil is moved to an in-house laboratory here at Enso Nutraceuticals, LLC in Manhattan, Kansas for bottling.

“This is yet another way Zo CBD is different—we don’t simply open a box of bottles and start filling them. After all, do we really know where they have been? We start by autoclaving (i.e., sterilizing) all of the bottles and cleaning all droppers to be used. Next, we fill, cap and seal each bottle in our laboratory, most often within our Class II Biosafety Cabinet. Finally we seal the top of each bottle and place them in an airtight package,” explains Mr. Farley. He goes on to say, “Lastly, we simply could not understand why CBD is often sold in such a variety of concentrations with fancy, often confusing names and for all price ranges. As a physician for example, would you call in five different bottles of aspirin with different amounts of tablets for the same patient? Of course not. After consulting with many physicians, we agreed that one full-spectrum, legal concentration bottle with COAs on demand by scanning the bottle barcode is all you need. In this manner, the consumer can control their own dosage with regards to their specific needs and with a physician’s recommendation.”

“As a pain management physician, I get asked everyday by patients if I can recommend to them a CBD product. Until Enso Nutraceuticals created the product called Zo CBD Oil, I never had an answer, as I simply could not recommend anything without understanding where it came from. Now that I offer the Zo CBD Oil bottles in my clinic, not only are many of my patients happy and having great success, but myself and two of my nurses use it with great success as well.” — Steve Peloquin, M.D., Board Certified in Pain Management and Anesthesiology

“Zo CBD Oil seems to be a home run with me! My headaches from Tinnitus are more manageable and I’m sleeping very well again. I’m a convert for sure.” — Scott Giebler, Veterinary Executive

“There are more than a dozen bioactive compounds in hemp, we utilize a proprietary process to ensure we include as many as possible. This isn’t the cheapest way to process hemp. This doesn’t give us the greatest quantity of oils. But it does give us the best QUALITY. We are a science-driven company, and we choose quality over quantity.” — J. Corey Orava, CSO, Enso Discoveries, LLC

“Only using one high level bottle of CBD and managing the dose with the healthcare industry in mind, rather than so many products from which I have no idea where it came from is really a great idea for physicians! My patients love it.” — Andrew Pope, MD

“As a veteran myself, helping other veterans is so important to me. I’m proud to say we have partnered with an Army officer, three-time combat tour veteran and Blackhawk pilot, CW3 Frank Kirby (Retired) who will exclusively focus our Zo CBD Oil* products solely on military Veterans and service members in need. If you are a veteran and need help, please visit http://www.Dustoff06.com. We will never forget the price you paid for the freedom we as Americans enjoy. Don't Suffer in Silence.” — Patrick Farley, CEO, Enso Discoveries, LLC

Enso Discoveries and its various divisions, including Enso Doctors and Enso Nutraceuticals, is a biotech company focused on enhancing the lives of humans and animals through the development of relevant, cost-effective, novel technology that allows their valued customer, the physician and veterinarian, to keep their hard-earned business in house. We support our products and services with scientific proof, national distribution partners, and a worldwide network of industry experienced contacts. To learn more about Enso Nutraceuticals proprietary blended, full-spectrum Zo CBD Oil™ visit https://zocbd.com/

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with your Doctor before using our products.

*Because our full spectrum product contains a trace amount of THC (less than 0.3% under FDA regulations for legal hemp based products), there is a possibility of getting a positive result on a drug test. If you work for a company and/or organization that requires drug screening, please check with the proper authorities to find out if you can take CBD.

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