Espressif Joins ZBOSS Open Initiative (ZOI), a Community for Royalty-Free Zigbee® PRO Stack Software

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DSR Corporation announces that Espressif, a multinational, fabless semiconductor company focused on developing cutting-edge wireless communication, low-power, AIoT solutions, has joined the ZBOSS Open Initiative (ZOI). ZOI is a community of companies working together on building and maintaining a Zigbee® PRO software platform, ZBOSS. This is a unique member-driven initiative that gives its members access to the latest features, tools, and product development support. This collaborative, non-open-source approach further improves interoperability, security, testing and optimization of Zigbee®-enabled products and solutions.

DSR Corporation announces that Espressif, a multinational, fabless semiconductor company focused on developing cutting-edge wireless communication, low-power, AIoT solutions, has joined the ZBOSS Open Initiative (ZOI). This is a community of companies with a shared understanding about the value of community, when it comes to building and maintaining a Zigbee® PRO software platform. The aim of this community is to jointly overcome the challenges surrounding interoperability, security, testing, and optimization of Zigbee®-enabled products and solutions. ZOI’s member-driven, non-open-source approach helps maintain performance and quality over time, while providing its members with access to the latest developments in Zigbee features and improvements.

DSR Corporation's CEO, Anatoli Pechkov, said about Espressif joining ZOI: “We are very excited to welcome Espressif into the ZOI fold and to support Espressif’s first Zigbee chipset offering. The ZOI membership continues to grow quickly, to the benefit of all members, with each additional member company contributing their unique expertise to the community and the future of the ZBOSS stack. ZOI’s unique, community approach to stack maintenance and development is ever stronger with industry leaders like Espressif. We know that ZBOSS and the ZOI community are a perfect fit for bringing Espressif’s first Zigbee offering to their global customer base.”

Espressif’s Founder and CEO, Teo Swee Ann, said on this occasion: “Espressif is looking forward to joining the ZOI community, and building an interoperable Zigbee ecosystem with other ZOI member companies. By leveraging the strengths of the market-tested ZBOSS platform, Espressif will provide its customers with reliable AIoT solutions that will accelerate their Zigbee product development. Through our continuous dedication to developing fast, secure and green AIoT technology, we, at Espressif, aim to create a smart-connected world for everyone.”

ZOI continues to grow at a steady pace. The combined efforts of ZOI members continues to further the development of a unified software platform for Zigbee®-enabled smart devices, making it the most interoperable solution on the market. ZOI member companies benefit from focusing on their product features, rather than focusing on supporting new feature development for the underlying protocol stack. Instead, the stack-related needs and concerns of ZOI member companies help to steer the development roadmap for ZBOSS.

For additional information on The ZBOSS Open Initiative, including membership details and frequently asked questions, visit

About Espressif
Espressif Systems (688018.SH) is a public multinational, fabless semiconductor company established in 2008, with offices in China, the Czech Republic, India, Singapore and Brazil. We have a passionate team of engineers and scientists from all over the world, focused on developing cutting-edge wireless communication, low-power, AIoT solutions. We have created the popular ESP8266, ESP32, ESP32-S, ESP32-C and ESP32-H series of chips, modules and development boards. By leveraging wireless computing, we provide green, versatile and cost-effective chipsets. We are committed to offering solutions that are secure, robust and power-efficient. At the same time, by open-sourcing our technology and solutions, we aim to enable developers to use Espressif's solutions globally and build their own smart-connected devices.

About DSR Corporation
DSR Corporation (DSR) is a professional software development company, providing products and services for a variety of industries, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. DSR Corporation has been developing wireless products since 2001, releasing cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) systems since 2006. DSR is the ultimate end-to-end IoT partner for many companies around the world and within different IoT verticals. DSR has delivered solutions in enabling wireless communications in products, embedded software for gateways and sensors, application integration layer, cloud backend, end-user apps (mobile and web), and general technology consulting with niche expertise. DSR is one of a handful of companies around the world that develops solutions covering the entire product spectrum - from the lowest level (hardware layer) to the top-level user apps. DSR is a big supporter of open standards and flexible development, making us technology and vendor agnostic, because we understand that not all solutions fit all use cases and business models. We are able to do this because of our extensive experience in different areas and our commitment to quality, recognized by our work in the Japanese market. |

ZBOSS is a Connectivity Standards Alliance, formerly Zigbee Alliance, certified, hardware agnostic, cross-platform, high-performance Zigbee® software protocol stack developed by DSR Corporation. ZBOSS features cross-platform support, multi-tasking, fixed memory footprint, OS-less configuration, and easy-to-use API. It is an official Zigbee® stack for Nordic Semiconductor and ON Semiconductor and also supports multiple SoCs, MCUs and transceivers from Texas Instruments, Silicon Labs, Qorvo, ARM, Telink, UBEC, Microchip, and other chip vendors. Moreover, multiple Zigbee® 3.0 certified products are powered by ZBOSS. Over 200 smart devices from more than 40 vendors have been tested successfully for interoperability with ZBOSS.

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