Evidence Suggesting Obesity Increases Risk for COVID-19 Complications Highlights Urgency for Weight Loss Treatment, says West Medical

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The Los Angeles-based weight loss clinic comments on a recent article that COVID-19 is only one of many serious illnesses made worse by obesity.

West Medical offers weight loss support for individuals throughout Southern California.

The addition of a higher risk for coronavirus complications only adds more urgency for individuals struggling with obesity.

A May 20 article on UPI reports on a recent study’s findings that obesity worsens coronavirus symptoms, including a threefold risk of causing a pulmonary embolism, or blood clot in the lungs. The exact cause for this is still not fully understood, but the study’s researchers hypothesize that the relationship between obesity and inflammation in the body, particularly regarding a patient’s vital organs, may be to blame. COVID-19 is already known to produce severe complications in some patients, including significant inflammation and a cytokine storm, which is essentially when the patient’s own immune system releases too many disease-fighting cells at once, causing significant or even fatal collateral damage. Unfortunately, obesity is thought to worsen these symptoms by a great deal. Los Angeles-based weight loss clinic West Medical says that, in light of the coronavirus pandemic and these findings, fighting obesity is more important than ever.

West Medical says that many problems associated with obesity have already been well established, including a higher risk for heart disease, hypertension, osteoarthritis, diabetes, infertility, cancer, gastrointestinal ailments, and many more. The addition of a higher risk for coronavirus complications, the center says, only adds more urgency for individuals struggling with obesity to seek medical assistance if dieting and exercise are proving ineffective.

Many treatments exist for assisting those battling obesity, the center says. These treatments range from less-invasive gastric balloons, which are carefully inserted into the patient’s stomach via their esophagus, to dramatic reworkings of the patient’s gastrointestinal system, including gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. West Medical says that most patients can choose from a variety of different treatment options specifically suited to their needs. The weight loss center says that no matter the course of treatment, patients should expect supremely professional and caring assistance every step of the way. This level of support and personalized care, West Medical says, plays a vital role in a patient’s weight loss journey.

Regarding the treatment options themselves, West Medical says that each serves a niche role in a metaphorical toolbox. Gastric balloons tend to be better options for patients who either do not qualify for or do not want to undergo bariatric surgery. However, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery are arguably the most effective methods of treatment for individuals who fit the definition of severe obesity. West Medical says that ultimately, treatment options are left up to the patient and their doctor.

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