Expert Tips on Preventing Accidental Pesticide Poisonings for National Poison Prevention Week

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Award-winning plant-based pest prevention brand, EarthKind®, is springing into action with DIY advice to protect pets and the whole family from harmful chemicals and pests.

EarthKind Educates on Tips to Prevent Accidental Pesticide Poisonings for National Poison Prevention Week

It’s not just about spring cleaning anymore, it’s about how to prep, detox, and protect our home environment. This year consider getting ready for spring pests by opting for Naturally Smarter® solutions that cut out the poisons and work in harmony with nature.

Leading plant-based pest prevention brand EarthKind® is celebrating the transition into Spring with an enticing promotion that coincides with its 2021 Year of the Monarch initiative, while helping families and their pets stay safe from harmful chemicals and pests in recognition of next week’s National Poison Prevention Week.

“As we begin prepping the home for Spring, this new season will bring with it more than just warmer weather and longer days,” comments Kari Warberg Block, Pest Prevention Expert, CEO/Founder of EarthKind®, “Rodents and insects are busily searching for food, water, and a place to nest. Loaded pantries and excess supplies stored in the home due to the pandemic create the perfect breeding ground for an infestation, so preparing for an influx of spring critters is more important than ever. Instead of reaching for the traditional poisons, think twice,” she warns, “It’s no coincidence that the first day of Spring coincides with National Poison Prevention Week. Protecting curious pets and children by removing harmful chemicals from the home is always important, and there’s no better time than now!”

As stated by the EPA, “According to a recent survey, 75 percent of U.S. households used at least one pesticide product indoors during the past year. Another study suggests that 80 percent of most people’s exposure to pesticides occurs indoors and that measurable levels of up to a dozen pesticides have been found in the air inside homes.” Additionally, rodenticides and insecticides are among the top ten household toxins that poison pets, especially dogs, every year (ASPCA). This is because insect and rodent poisons can be just as toxic, and appetizing, to curious pets as they are to the pest itself. In fact, the Pet Poison Helpline reports that rodenticides always rank within the top five cases managed by the helpline annually. Warberg Block advises consumers to be aware of the active ingredients used in pest control products and the effects they can have on pets. This includes:

  • Long-Acting Anticoagulants (LAACs) : the most common rodenticide poison used, which can prevent an animal’s blood from clotting
  • Cholecalciferol: which can lead to kidney failure in animals
  • Bromethalin: a neurotoxin that can result in tremors, seizures and paralysis in animals

Warberg Block also explains that pets, being great pest catchers, and other wildlife are also at risk of secondhand poisoning from the pest itself, which threatens wildlife poisoning up the food chain. Rather than bringing poisons into the home, she recommends natural methods such as sealing cracks around windows, doors, and walls with caulk or weatherstrip, transferring dry food into airtight containers, fixing any leaks, and cleaning up areas where pet food may be present in order to adequately eliminate attractants that lure pests in.

“It’s not just about spring cleaning anymore, it’s about how to prep, detox, and protect our home environment. This year consider getting ready for spring pests by opting for naturally smarter solutions that cut out the poisons and work in harmony with nature,” adds Warberg Block.

From March 19th through midnight on April 2nd, all orders over $75.00 placed on the EarthKind® website will be eligible for a free gift with purchase, which includes two (2) Stay Away® Ants pouches, one (1) packet of milkweed seeds from the Save Our Monarchs Foundation, and one #YearOfTheMonarch reusable tote bag to support The Year of the Monarch campaign; a national, collective effort to preserve and protect the declining monarch butterfly population. By partnering with a milkweed seed distributor, EarthKind® hopes to plant thousands of milkweed plants across the US, particularly on and around farms to counteract the Monarch’s food supply shortage – their biggest conservation threat. By giving the gift of milkweed seeds, consumers can participate in doing so, too.

EarthKind®’s Stay Away® home product line for Ants, Spiders, Moths and Rodents offer a Naturally Smarter® solution that deters pests from those hard to reach areas like pet food storage areas, pantries, and under appliances, where poison sprays and baits are not an option. The unique blend of essential oils and plant-fibers sourced from US regenerative farmers is a natural alternative for those wanting an easy and effective solution, “It’s so easy, just place the pouch, and the pests leave on their own. No dead bodies or harmful chemicals to clean up!” adds Warberg Block. Guaranteed effective, simply place the pouches into pest-prone areas around the home to create a pest-free zone for 30 days, without poisons or killing. All EarthKind® products are safe for use around children and pets when used as directed.

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About EarthKind®
Founded by leading pest prevention expert Kari Warberg Block, EarthKind® is a pioneer in natural prevention for families and households everywhere. EarthKind® is a pest prevention brand that manufactures Naturally Smarter® pest solutions that are guaranteed to keep pests away, without killing or poisoning them. All EarthKind® products are designed by inventive artists, scientists and engineers who care about the earth, made in the USA with 80% of the materials sourced from American farms and the company is providing handicapped individuals with meaningful employment. Kari was awarded the 2019 GMDC Retail Champions of Change award for her role as an inspirational industry retail leader, and was named to the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman Class of 2012, 2013 ND SBA Small Business Person of the Year and National Second Runner Up. Her latest product line, Stay Away® was the winner of the 2015 NEXTY People’s Choice Award for Best New Product of the Year. Learn more at and on social media:
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