Experts Explain What Is The Role Of A Car Insurance Claim Adjuster

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“Although many believe that claims adjusters are bad and only want to protect the interests of their insurance companies, that’s not true. Many good adjusters love helping people and they do have strict claim process to follow ”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of IMC has launched a new blog post that explains what are claims adjusters and how they can help drivers in a car insurance claim.

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Claims adjusters are the persons sent by car insurance companies to investigate the claims made by policyholders and to negotiate settlements. In many cases, the claims adjusters will be in a position to offer explanations for denying a claim or for the amount they offer for a settlement.

Drivers that need a claims adjuster should know the following about them:

  •     Claims adjusters investigate the claims made by policyholders. Claims adjusters are required to investigate the incidents where the policyholders' vehicles were involved. The claims adjuster will determine who was at fault, if the incident is covered, or if it's an insurance fraud attempt. Car insurance frauds are quite common. One of the most common types of insurance fraud is to arson an insured older vehicle. In this type of fraud, a claims adjuster will travel to the place where the incident happened and will start to investigate. The claim will be denied if the claims adjuster reaches to the conclusion that the incident is an insurance fraud attempt.
  •     They work for the insurance companies. The majority of claims adjusters are working for an insurance company, so it's no wonder that sometimes they protect their insurers' interests by not paying claims or by paying claims of a lesser value than what they should. In some cases, claims adjusters will have to protect the reputation of their insurers, by paying a claim they initially denied. No insurance provider wants bad publicity, and a customer that is not satisfied by the settlement and is willing to fight can bring a lot of bad publicity. Not all adjusters are employed by the insurers. Some are just contractors that are sent to negotiate on behalf of a company.
  •     Not all claims adjusters are bad. Despite what everyone thinks, not all claims adjusters will deny or underpay claims. Claims adjusters are salaried people that have no financial interest in the outcome of a claim. Many good claims adjusters are trying to help people that are in great need. Nevertheless, claims adjusters need to follow a strict claim process.

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