FaceTec’s 3D Matching Algorithm Bests NIST’s #1 By 668%

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ZoOm® 3D FaceMap technology achieves real-world 1-in-4,200,000 FAR at Less Than 1% FRR

Think of copper phone lines used for both dial-up and DSL. Just as the latter achieves vastly better results, ZoOm utilizes the same ubiquitous, standard camera hardware to outperform 2D face matching in every way.

FaceTec, the leader in biometric face authentication software, announced today it has released the best performing 1:1 face matching algorithm in history.

A Face Authentication system consists of two parts, Human Liveness Detection and 1:1 Face Verification. The security of such a system depends on its ability to determine if the user is a live human and accurately match them to the biometric data collected during enrollment. The better the two branches of the system are, the more secure it becomes, and the more confidence can be placed in the software’s decision to grant access.

Since 1994, the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has tested facial recognition algorithm accuracy. The Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) results are posted monthly on the NIST Leaderboard, ranked on the false non-match rate (FNMR) across several different datasets.

However, since today’s state-of-the-art face matching algorithms use 3D FaceMaps, the FRVT tests are inadequate because they can only measure 2D performance. Examples such as Apple’s Face ID and FaceTec’s ZoOm utilize 3D face data, and both breakthrough technologies are beyond the scope of NIST’s current testing abilities.

With no other options available, the makers of 3D algorithms can best assess their performance by using 3D test sets analogous to NIST’s 2D sets. FaceTec’s 3D Test Set is most similar to NIST’s MUGSHOT 2D Test Set and the results are compared in detail in the white paper, ZoOm 3D Face Matching Self-Certification Report, along with additional information about ZoOm’s proprietary 3D FaceMaps.

“Our ZoOm algorithms fully utilize 3D FaceMap data, and the results are exceptional,” said Josh Rose, FaceTec’s CTO. “When we compared their performance, the operating point (the combination of FAR & FRR) for our 3D face matching algorithm was at least 668% better than the operating point reported by the #1 NIST algorithm.”

The ramifications of FaceTec’s advancements are significant. More users must identify themselves digitally every day, and a trusted, universal biometric standard is needed. Users must prove their digital identities in ways that can be reliably trusted to manage high-value account access, like banking/finance, cryptocurrency, connected transportation and smart cities. Trust can now be anchored in a correct user’s 3D FaceMap, creating a high level of confidence that they are interacting with the device in person.

“ZoOm’s 3D FaceMaps are created with standard 2D cameras, but contain much more data than a flattened photo ever can.” said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec. “Think of copper phone lines used for both dial-up and DSL. Just as the latter achieves vastly better results, ZoOm utilizes the same ubiquitous camera hardware to outperform 2D face matching in every way.”

In addition, ZoOm is the world’s first - and only - biometric authenticator to attain Level-1 and Level-2 certifications in the ibeta.com Quality Assurance labs Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) test guided by the ISO-30107 global standard, achieving two perfect 100% anti-spoofing scores. ZoOm’s advanced AI technology verifies human liveness and three-dimensionality, while accurately matching face images with a fast, friendly and intuitive user interface. ZoOm works across all modern smart devices and webcams, and is the first viable biometric replacement for passwords, tokens and 2FA.

ZoOm's features include:

  • Certified Anti-Spoofing Liveness Detection, rated highest in the world
  • High-performance 3D face matching, most accurate 1:1 in the world
  • Patented UI that creates 3D FaceMaps from standard 2D cameras
  • Liveness Data deleted after every session, preventing biometric honeypots
  • 100% software runs on all modern smartphones, tablets, and PCs with webcams
  • Fast, intuitive interface for first-time users and daily logins
  • Simple to integrate, deploy and manage


About FaceTec

FaceTec's patented, class-leading 3D face authentication software, ZoOm®, anchors digital identity, establishing the chain of trust for mobile and web applications requiring certified, liveness detection, and the world’s most accurate 1:1 face matching capabilities. Leveraging decades of experience in computer vision, artificial intelligence and advanced biometrics, ZoOm is fast becoming the global standard in onboarding, KYC and identity access management solutions. Founded in 2013 with offices in San Diego, CA; New York, NY; London, UK; and Summerlin, NV, FaceTec provides biometric security on five continents for many of the world’s leading organizations in IDV, IAM, financial services, mobile payments, border security, connected transportation and more.

For more information and business inquiries, please visit http://www.ZoOmLogin.com. For media inquiries, please contact John Wojewidka at JohnW(at)FaceTec(dot)com.

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