Fast Guard Service Shares 5 Tips For Ultimate Business Security

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Adequately protecting a business in the 21st century involves careful analysis and strategic planning. Companies in all fields of industry must pay close attention to this vital area, considering both physical security and cyber-crime. Understanding vulnerabilities is key to ensuring solid prevention of theft, vandalism, break-ins, and other pugnacious activities.

Fast Guard Service

Fast Guard Service

Fast Guard Service is a highly respected provider of security services, serving both a nationwide and global customer base.

Commercial security is an essential component of every business strategy. Indeed, it’s a legal obligation to protect the health, safety, and welfare, not only of employees, but anyone who might be affected by the company’s activities. Today’s business security encompasses both the online world and the physical world. And while cyber-security is currently a hot topic, this doesn’t mean that any less attention should be paid to the physical protection of a company’s property.

Security guards, surveillance cameras, and good old-fashioned locks and barriers all have their place when determining the ultimate individual security blueprint. Many different aspects influence the need for increased levels of security. For example, units located in high crime areas, those with deserted parking lots, or retail locations that suffer regular losses—either from employees or visitors—are well-placed to take advantage of greater defenses.

Security experts, Fast Guard Service, outline 5 areas that all business owners should analyze to ensure that opportunities for all types of crime are reduced to an absolute minimum. Not only does this safeguard the location itself, but has multiple additional benefits, including increased profits, greater staff satisfaction, customer trust and loyalty, and lowered insurance premiums.

1. Perform An Overall Assessment Of All Vulnerabilities

While this could technically be undertaken internally, a far more effective overview will be achieved when conducted by a professional security firm. They will assess all aspects of the business and provide advice as to how to ensure a business or event is best protected. This will take into account the levels of crime in the area, access and egress points that could—in certain circumstances—make a property more tempting for criminals to target, the levels of footfall (both staff and customers), available surveillance, and any past incidences. Professional security firms will also advise on the best policies and procedures to have in place that will address all security-related needs.

2. Audit Staff And New Hires

If a business employs even a single person, current records should be kept. This should include staff pictures, contact details, and emergency contacts. Ensure references for new starters are followed up before the person is brought into the organization. Such verifications might include, but are not limited to, a criminal record search, social security trace, and past employment checks.

3. Don’t Overlook Easy Security Factors

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Using good quality locks, security gates, key fobs, and self-closing doors are all strong deterrents that shouldn’t be dismissed. There’s also a great advantage of positioning members of staff at strategic points within a building. Receptionists, secretaries, PAs, and the like are all extra eyes and ears if located in the correct areas.

Policies should be in place to rigorously lower the chance of potential security breaches. This would include any handing out of keys, the storing of cash and/or valuables, the use of computer passwords, and having clear instructions as to what staff members should do in the event of an emergency, or if they notice any suspicious activity.

4. Implement Surveillance Cameras

Depending on the nature and/or location of a business, security cameras can be a wise investment. These could be in particular areas of vulnerability, perhaps where valuable or sensitive information is stored, at entrances to the building, or in quieter areas such as parking lots. Security camera installation is a specialized job to ensure it addresses a particular businesses’ needs, so it’s essential that this carried out by a professional and qualified source.

Security monitoring services are key to ensure 24/7 business protection, whereby a triggered alarm or suspicious activity seen on camera can receive immediate attention, no matter what time of the day or night. Commercial property in particular benefits from such a solution, providing a dramatic reduction to the risk of damage, loss, and theft.

5. Use A Professional Security Service

On-site security guards are a massive deterrent—one that’s utilized more and more as services become increasingly affordable. From guards who continually patrol the building and/or area to those who respond to a security breach or monitor via surveillance cameras, using a managed security service is a cost-effective way of beefing up the protection of any business premises.

Fast Guard Service is a highly respected provider of security services, serving both a nationwide and global customer base. Fully regulated, licensed, and insured, they provide a specialized facility that covers all aspects of commercial security. With a team boasting a law enforcement and criminal justice background, they can advise on the best security solutions for an individual business. These range from simple camera surveillance right through to 24/7on-site services, including staff security training and logging everyone who enters and exits the premises. For more information visit

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