Fatty15 Healthy Aging Supplement Restock Makes it Available to All

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The first essential fatty acid to be discovered in 90 years can be yours once again.

This fatty15 supplement has a variety of benefits for healthy aging.

Fatty15 is the world’s only provider of C15:0, a unique, pure, and essential micronutrient that is so critical to protecting your mind and body that it can start improving aging-related conditions within weeks.

After recent supply limitations due to excessive demand, Seraphina Therapeutics is pleased to announce that its innovative fatty15 supplement is once again back in stock and widely available. This healthy aging supplement utilizes C15:0, also referred to as FA15™, which naturally targets receptors throughout our bodies that help to regulate metabolism, immunity, mood, sleep and appetite. Fatty15 is the world’s only provider of C15:0 (pronounced see-fifteen, and also called pentadecanoic acid), a unique, pure, and essential micronutrient that is so critical to protecting your mind and body that it can start improving aging-related conditions within weeks. Fatty15 is available directly through the company’s website and is shipped in a fully recyclable box with renewable packaging, lessening your impact on the environment when you buy.

Fatty15 was developed by the wife and husband team of Stephanie Venn-Watson DVM, MPH, and Eric Venn-Watson MD, MBA. Stephanie, Co-Founder and CEO, is a veterinary epidemiologist with two decades of experience in understanding and improving dolphin health, along with being the inventor of 40 patents and authoring 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications. Co-Founder and COO Eric is a US Navy Veteran with over 20 years of experience as a military physician, who has since launched three life science companies and supported other entrepreneurial veterans in San Diego. Their discovery of the power of this fat was made while seeking to improve the health and welfare of older dolphins, and noting that higher C15:0 was protecting dolphins against age-related conditions. When poorly aging dolphins were provided a diet higher in C15:0, they saw a reduction in aging-related conditions, and the Venn-Watsons realized this could be beneficial to humans as well, especially as we age.

In their research of fatty acids, the Venn-Watsons saw that despite conventional wisdom, not all fats, including not all saturated fats, should be seen as unhealthy. They realized that the bad word of fat began in 1977, after the U.S. government advised Americans to avoid saturated fats to decrease the risk of heart disease, despite a lack of evidence. In actuality, they found that not all saturated fatty acids are equal, and that they can be divided by the number of carbon atoms they carried, often categorized into whether that number is even or odd. C15:0, or FA15™, sports an odd number of these atoms allowing it to benefit several healthy functions in the body, whereas something like C16:0 or palmitic acid can contribute to health complications like inflammation and heart disease. In other words they found that not all fat is created equal, and the right fat can actually benefit human health.

Over three years of studies, which were published in Scientific Reports (a Nature publication) the Venn-Watsons found that C15:0 targets three key hallmarks of aging, effectively helping to strengthen cell membranes, repair mitochondrial function, and naturally activating PPAR (pronounced pee-par) receptors that help to regulate our metabolism, immunity, mood, appetite and sleep. These and other extensive studies support that C15:0 is not only associated with better health in people, but it is the cause of healthier aging. In recent studies, C15:0 has been associated with lower mortality rates and people who live longer.

The result of these discoveries is fatty15, a supplement that utilizes FA15™ to promote and protect our mind and body health, especially as we age. In their quest to keep the planet healthy as well as people, they made their supplement vegan to avoid using artificial ingredients, and created sustainable packaging with reusable bottles, fully recyclable materials, and no added waste.

With this restock, more fatty15 is available than has ever been before, and can be purchased directly from the brand in 30 and 90 day subscriptions.

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