Female Plastic Surgeon Benefits Underscored by Cosmetic Procedure Increase Among Men, says Dr. Sepideh Saber

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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sepideh Saber comments on a recent article that women plastic surgeons may offer a more understanding approach to the mixed feelings faced by men.

Dr. Sepideh Saber provides the full range of plastic surgery for people of all genders and orientations at her Glendale offices.

Female plastic surgeons may be able to better ease patients’ unease due to their often more sensitive methodology.

A January 13 article on AskMen discusses the most popular cosmetic procedures that men are currently obtaining. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sepideh Saber says that the article reflects a long-term trend with roots going back to the later 20th century with more men realizing that should not feel embarrassed or ashamed for caring about their appearance. As a result, there has been a long-term trend of men increasingly obtaining all types of procedures, with facelifts and rhinoplasty being two of the most popular. Of course, says Dr. Saber, while many men might now know intellectually there’s nothing wrong with a man getting a procedure, that doesn’t mean that some men aren’t still a little bit anxious about being perceived as somehow less masculine or vain. She notes that, for patients of any gender feeling unsure or nervous, female plastic surgeons may be able to better ease patients’ unease due to their often more sensitive methodology.

The Glendale plastic surgeon says that sensitive and thoughtful female plastic surgeons offer a different approach that can be helpful to individuals of all genders and orientations. Dr. Saber says that, in a largely male-dominated field, female plastic surgeons understand the pressures that come with being a minority in their profession and the perseverance required to achieve as much as their male counterparts. Female plastic surgeons with board certification not only demonstrate dedication and competitiveness, but also excellence in the field that patients are likely to benefit from.

Dr. Sepideh Saber adds that, when it comes to appearance issues, some men may put more trust into the opinion of a female surgeon as opposed to the more clinical approach taken by many male surgeons. She notes that, while an empathetic and sensitive attitude is not exclusive to female plastic surgeons, cultural conditioning means that it may come more naturally to a female plastic surgeon as compared to often highly competitive male plastic surgeons.

The Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon says that, while cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery may not be spoken about very much among men, particularly those in their middle years, due to lingering societal standards of masculinity, or other personal reasons, a good plastic surgeon will lend an understanding and sympathetic ear while working with all types of patients to help them achieve their personal appearance goals.

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