Fighting for What Is Right: Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Turns Back Time, Helps Homeowner Reverse a Trustee Sale Sold at Auction to 3rd Party Highest Bidder

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Redondo Beach California resident gets his house back after losing it at auction to 3rd party highest bidder through the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates.

Sixteen years after moving to in his home in 2002, Timothy Mayher of Redondo Beach California found himself in a dire situation. Like so many Americans he had fallen on hard times and became late on his payments and lost the commercial property tied to his home. Although he had a legitimate hardship and tried the work with his lender, the bank filed a notice of default almost immediately. His bank based out of Texas had closed out that branch and he found himself not able to communicate on the status of his mortgage with anyone who was really aware of his particular situation. Mr. Mayher had actually been convinced that the sale of his commercial property had covered the money he still owed.

Six years of fighting back and hoping for a fair and beneficial outcome, the road had finally come to an end. With the lien having accrued over the years to a whopping $372K, Mr. Mayher was now losing his Southern California dream home after having personally repaid his lender more than $700K. After receiving a Notice of Trustee sale in March of 2018, Timothy Mayher’s house was put up for auction on April 19th 2018. With what he believed to be no more legal recourse the house was auctioned off to a highest 3rd party bidder on 6/17/2018.

Whereas most mortgage, real estate professionals and attorneys would opinion that it is impossible to reverse a Trustee sale in the case where the property is sold to the highest 3rd party bidder, Timothy Mayher was pointed to Tim was immediately seduced by the faith-based and nonprofit approach of N.A.C.A.

Under their direction and with ZERO money out-of-pocket, Tim was able to meet and engage with the Consumer Defense Law Group seeking a Trustee Sale Reversal, possible damages in addition to his surplus overage that remained from the sale. Tim today credits the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates for returning his home, on 9/21/2018 Tim received confirmation from the Lenders Foreclosure Trustee that they were requested by his lender to rescind the foreclosure sale of his home. The home is now scheduled to be reverted back into Tim’s name so that the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates can proceed to restructure his Home loan into a sustainable monthly payment.

About: the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates is a faith-based 501C3 nonprofit organization of Licensed Business Professionals that include Mortgage Bankers, Real Estate Brokers, Retired Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled IRS Agents, Private Institutional Investment and Hedge Fund Lenders as well as various State Bar Licensed Attorneys with the network to help homeowners across the United States.

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