FIND.COM Announces New Search and Social Media Platform With Features of Google, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter

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FIND.COM Announces New Search and Social Media Platform With Features of Google, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter

FIND.COM announced today the creation of a new search and social media platform that will have features you might find in platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The platform has made a firm commitment to support the U.S. Bill of Rights. Initial funding is being provided from the public via crowdfunding. Go to FIND.COM for details.

Jeffrey Sisk, FIND.COM’s founder stated, “Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to privacy -- these are not just “sayings” we support or do not support. With these rights, all voices should be protected, and we should stand shoulder-to-shoulder, even with those with whom we disagree, to protect those rights. The free flow of thought leads to scientific advancement, the sharing of ideas, potential for common ground, and the understanding of key issues that help us build a better society and a more prosperous future.

Equally important: It is not enough to be a successful platform by simply supporting the Bill of Rights. These are key issues for us, for sure, but it is also equally important to build new innovative technologies the public will love. We have those technologies. Some of them have been in development for years. They will light the way for the future, and provide an equal voice and equal opportunity to all users. This will be transformative and will usher in a new era of growth not seen since the very founding of the internet, when it was free, open and unfettered.

There are true visionaries who have come before us and started great companies that have transformed the way we find information, how we connect, how we buy and sell products, and communicate. Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have led the charge. Some of these companies and founders have lost their way. They are American companies, after all, and they should be representatives of America’s light shining into the world by following our country’s founding principles. My message to them is simple: There is always a path to redemption, and I hope some of them understand the damaging path they are on now and change course. We need to reach out to all of America with love and goodness, provide great technology, and not take sides in political struggles. We are one nation under God.

I believe in America. It is the light of the world. I know the public will share FIND.COM with their family and friends, and be part of a record breaking crowdfunding effort that gives them this new platform. The story will be told for generations: how the American people came together and found a way to reaffirm our commitment to our Constitution and Bill of Rights in the 21st century. Sometimes God taps us on the shoulder, tells us it is time to step forth with courage and confidence, and do great things. This is such a time for me. I am stepping forth. Come along with me on this amazing journey.”

FIND.COM will quickly launch a messaging platform similar to Twitter post funding, with the rest of the platform coming online later in 2021.

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