Find Out What Important Factors Can Influence the Price of Car Insurance the Most

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"Factors like ZIP code and driving can have a significant impact on the final price of car insurance. Visit our website and find out more on how to save money on car insurance," said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents some important factors that can affect the price of car insurance.

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Before signing an insurance deal with a customer, a car insurance company will analyze multiple factors in order to determine the customer's insurance rates. Some of these factors are in the policyholder's control and can be improved to obtain lower rates, while other factors are beyond their control.

The next factors can have a significant effect on car insurance:

  • ZIP code. Policyholders that used to live in rural areas for their whole lives, will get an unpleasant surprise when they move to a big city. Drivers that live in large urban areas pay more expensive premiums on car insurance. Population density, road conditions, known hazards, and other region-specific factors determine the insurance cost. In a large city with a high population density and a high number of cars on the roads, the risk of having car accidents is very high. Not only that, but car theft and vandalism are more common than in a rural area. For these reasons, drivers that live in a city will pay higher car insurance premiums.
  • Driving record. A clean driving record will help policyholders save money on car insurance. However, drivers that have a bad driving record will have a hard time finding cheaper car insurance rates. Depending on the severity of the penalties, drivers with a bad driving record can take some measures to improve it. For example, in many states, drivers can remove some points from their driving record if they graduate a defensive driving course.
  • The car. Newer vehicles that are expensive to repair, as well as vehicles that are financed by the banks or are on lease from lenders, will have higher car insurance costs. The same goes for muscle cars, limousines, exotic cars, or hypercars. Drivers that want to pay lower insurance rates should purchase a car that is cheap to insure such as, slightly used sedans or family vans.
  • Coverage lapses. Drivers that have coverage lapses are considered to be high-risk by insurance companies. In many states, the providers will have to alert the Department of Motor Vehicles if a driver has a lapse. Usually, drivers caught with a coverage lapse will be penalized with a fine and will have their license suspended. Also, the costs of auto premiums will go up.

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