Finding Needles in Haystacks Finally Simplified with New Self-Serve™ from

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Using its proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Power Crush algorithms, Self-Serve lets businesses quickly identify data errors and discrepancies. Self-Serve Screenshot

Self-Serve Screenshot

We’ve been using for a year and it has saved our accounting team about 40 hours a month on bank reconciliations.

Today,, a leading provider of reconciliation and matching software for business, announced the introduction of its new Self-Serve product that makes it much easier to quickly start finding solutions to data errors, particularly when a user is under pressure, which is normally the case when looking for problems.

With Self-Serve, a user is typically looking for something that’s missing or something that’s wrong with their data. It could be a bank reconciliation. It could be an unexpected change in a list or accounting statement. It could be an attempt to compare a new customer list to an old one. The user loads data into their browser at The data remains safely in the browser; it is not sent to a server. Once loaded, the user presses the “Artificial Intelligence” button. Then the “Power Crush” button. The software presents a summary of the results. The user can pay to see the details. The fee for 1,000 rows is less than $20.00. The whole process is less than 60 seconds.

“The slowest part is taking out your credit card and paying for the service,” said Doug Schiller, CrushErrors' founder, “which is ideal for someone under pressure.”

“Self-Serve is an exciting development for CrushErrors. Until now, we have focused on complex Enterprise solutions, but Self-Serve delivers some of our extraordinary technology to a wider audience in a very simple package. Users need to follow the “Yellow Brick Buttons” to get the information they want. It’s laid out so simply, a frustrated user struggling to find an error can plug their data into Self-Serve and see almost immediate results. It’s Self-Serve. They only need a browser. Nothing to install. No server. It’s self-contained,” said Mr. Schiller.

Two proprietary technologies are built into Self-Serve. The Artificial Intelligence technology scans data to identify important columns and columns that require further calculations, like debit minus credit. The Power Crush technology looks for every combination of columns to find the best matches. So, for example, it may find 100 rows that match on Check Number, Date and Amount. It may find another 30 rows that match on just Check Number and Amount, but not Date. Similarly, it could find 900 names that match on name, address, email, and telephone; 300 more that match on name, address, and email, but not telephone; and 100 more that only match on name and email. Mr. Schiller said: “This is an incredibly useful tool to streamline the labor-intensive process of organizing and cleaning up databases.”

Neither one of the two proprietary technologies are available in Microsoft Excel or Google’s OpenRefine. Mr. Schiller said: “An extremely advanced Excel user would find it impossible to even come close to what’s already built into Self-Serve. It’s just not possible.” Schiller added: “But data from Excel can flow into Self-Serve and then the results flow back to Excel, so in a sense, they really work together.” has proven its value. Brian Morales, a ​Senior Accountant at Andover Properties said: "We’ve been using for a year and it has saved our accounting team about 40 hours a month on bank reconciliations. And it’s continually getting easier to use with the constant stream of improvements. I’d recommend it for every business. A user can get up to speed in less than an hour. Incredible ROI."

Self-Serve™ is available now at

ABOUT CRUSHERRORS.COM is a privately-held company that is dedicated to helping businesses find needles in haystacks, a problem that has existed since 1532. CrushErrors’ Enterprise solution comprehensively manages complex processes with automated data analysis. It also has additional features that are particularly well suited to identifying fraudulent transactions. The new Self-Serve product utilizes some of the Enterprise technologies to allow a user to rapidly and easily find errors in their data.


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