First Aid Global LLC Partners With Biologic Technologies to Launch "iRide EyeMist" for Bikers, Cyclists and People Who Suffer From Dry Eye Syndrome

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"iRide EyeMist" TM quenches the need that bicyclists, bikers and outdoors people have to re-moisten dry eyes from wind burn, foreign particles and Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (Dry Eye Syndrome)

"iRideEyeMist" gently replenishes the natural moist film or protective layer covering the eyes, and that keeps me more productive during the day and lets me sleep more comfortably at night.

Biologic Technologies is well known for its eye care research and manufacture of ethical natural product solutions for eyes. Their products are especially popular with police and fire departments as well as veterinarians. Recently, through their distributor First Aid Global LLC, they have launched a new product - “iRide EyeMist TM” - which is aimed at the motorcycle/bicycle/outdoor adventurer market to help remedy dry eyes caused by wind burn, foreign debris and Dry Eye Syndrome.

“Millions of people ride motorcycle, bicycle or skateboard,” says Todd West, spokesperson for First Aid Global LLC. “There isn't a single one of them who hasn't had to deal with eye fatigue, foreign debris or wind burn at some time and the bikers that I know have all given their approval of our new “iRide EyeMist” product.”

It’s true that even with a helmet and face shield eyes will dry out, but the marketplace is full of off-the-shelf eye drops. I asked Mr. West what is so different about "iRide EyeMist" and what his own personal experience with cycling might be.

“’iRide EyeMist’ is not another chemical-filled eye drop,” West tells me. “It is the only safe and gentle solution for eye moisture replenishment. That's because eye mist is just that - medical-grade ultra-purified water that is dispensed in a fine mist, and each 3-ounce cans holds hundreds of applications.”

“I’m no biker,” West continues, “But my own reason for loving comes from the fact that I suffer from Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, or Dry Eye Syndrome. I found traditional eye drops work only temporarily and they contain chemicals that become harsh when used persistently.”

Dry Eye Syndrome or Chronic Dry Eye is a condition in which tear ducts lack the ability to keep eyes moist and that leads to irritation and eventually eye damage. The idea behind misting the eyes is to gently replenish the natural moist film or protective layer of lipids covering the eyes. This film is washed away by chemical eye drops rather than replenished by a fine mist of pure water. Furthermore, eye drops are loaded with preservatives and vasoconstriction chemicals that only provide relief for a limited time.

West says, “’iRide EyeMist’ keeps me more productive during the day and lets me sleep more comfortably at night. I keep a can of "iRide" by my bed, in my car, by the television and in my desk drawer, and I use it many times each day and night. There is nothing more aggravating than awaking with dry eyes that feel like sand paper because they've been busy moving during REM sleep as I dream. I've been told by doctors that the only solution to my dry eye syndrome is for some type of surgical procedure, and aside from that, my ultra-pure "iRide EyeMist". It has become a medical necessity for me and I think I'm going to use some right now!”

“iRide EyeMist TM” is available on Amazon, on eBay and online at iRide EyeMist

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