First-Ever Consumer DNA Test to Unlock the Connection Between Genetics and Mental Wellness-Related Behavioral Tendencies

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Amy Edgar, Expert in Pediatric Mental Health and Founder of Children’s Integrated Center for Success Teams with Genomind To Provide Consumers With A Genetic Roadmap to Mental Well-being

Living with a mental health challenges can be stressful even during the best of times. Then COVID-19 came along. Quarantine, distancing, not seeing family and loved ones, and economic worries have all added to the struggles of people dealing with mental wellness. On top of that, back-to-school stress is compounding the mental stressors we’re all dealing with right now. Recently, Amy Edgar, Founder of Children’s Integrated Center for Success and expert in pediatric mental health, teamed with YourUpdateTV to discuss steps we can take to take control of our mental wellness during this uncertain time.

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Parents, many of whom may be dealing with their own mental and emotional struggles, have taken on the burden of worrying about their child’s mental health as well. With the back to school season in full swing, stress and anxiety are at an all-time high as families grapple with the reality of additional distance learning, or the potential dangers of returning to the classroom. It’s natural for parents to wonder whether the last five months – and whatever lies ahead – will have a lasting effect on kids’ mental well-being.

So how can parents take back control of mental wellness in the age of COVID-19?

A first-ever consumer DNA test is helping unlock the connection between genetics and mental wellness. One cheek swab will produce results that will help people better understand how genes affect one’s predisposition for stress, focus, substance abuse, sleep, and more.

Organized around Genomind’s proprietary ‘7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities™’, the test analyzes 38 genetic variants and their influence on 29 mental health traits. The result is an interactive report that details 59 possible behavioral predispositions specific to each user’s genetic profile, along with resources and actionable recommendations shown to improve wellness and quality of life. Genomind Mental Health Map is the only DNA test in the consumer market with a specific focus on mental health and wellness, and is available without prescription. The test should not be used as a diagnostic or risk assessment for mental health diseases and disorders.

For more information, visit and use discount code “MHMFALL5.”

About Amy Edgar, APRN, CRNP, FNP-C:
Amy Edgar is transforming healthcare and embracing our next generation of humans. Ignited by the experience of raising her now 19-year old daughter, Amy founded the Children's Integrated Center for Success in 2014. Weaving together the threads of mom, entrepreneur, teacher, nurse, primary care provider, and science geek, Amy utilizes systems thinking and integrated care delivery models to run her primary care center focused on children with behavioral health needs. From cutting edge genetics research to nutrition consults, speech and equine therapy, school advocates, and marriage counselors – CICS strives to reach every child, every time. In 2017, Amy led CICS in connecting career opportunities for children with autism looking for suitable work to capture their own piece of the American Dream, which was realized in the CICS Foundation. Amy continues to practice and provide patient care while championing CICS's virtual healthcare expansion to reach families across and outside of Pennsylvania.

About Genomind:
Genomind is a leading mental health company singularly focused on filling the innovation gap in mental health care through novel, genetics-based tools that bring mental health into the era of personalized medicine. Its flagship product, Genomind Professional PGx, is a pharmacogenetic testing service that helps medical professionals guide patients’ mental health treatment. The Company recently launched Genomind Mental Health Map – a direct-to-consumer test that enables a better understanding of the biological basis of mental health, coupled with actionable guidance to help people improve health and wellness. Supported by a world-class genetics lab, a unique heritage of clinical mental health expertise, and a consultative approach, Genomind is advancing a new paradigm of precision medicine in mental health care. Learn more at

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