First Person In History To Run Solo Across Every U.S. State To Complete Her Nine Year Journey In Alaska

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Helene Neville will become the first person on record to run solo across each individual state in the United States. She is also the first woman and only the second person to attempt the feat. Helene will turn 59 the day she finishes in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Helene's “Rethink Impossible” journey encompassing more than 13,424 miles, will conclude with the final and most physically challenging state of Alaska, despite numerous setbacks, including three brain surgeries and recurring Lymphoma.

“I am doing something that everyone said couldn’t be done, and I'm doing it despite substantial health challenges to show others that nothing has to stand in your way of forward motion in life.” Helene said.

Without a roadside crew, all alone on the highways of America, surviving on whatever was in her backpack on a particular day, Helene ran where others said not to: major cities, desolate areas void of people, treacherous terrain, and places with unpredictable horrific weather conditions. Despite suffering cancer, broken bones, an attempted assault and abduction, financial hardships, and the deaths of two family members, she continued running to show others that nothing should stand in their way of achieving their goals and dreams.

Helene goes the distance to demonstrate to those needing hope and inspiration what’s physically and mentally possible despite all odds. Helene’s run is about humanitarianism and athleticism. While running, the beautiful display of humanity Helene encountered kept her going and she also found a deeper love for her country and its people. “What if we reach out and celebrate each other’s strengths, rather than weaknesses?” Helene said.

Helene has left a trail of rocks alongside her path marked with the names of people who have donated to support her run in the final state of Alaska.

Helene also pushed her limits beyond comprehension, by being the first person to run the Las Vegas Strip back and forth for 35 hours, covering 135 miles. She then became the first person in history to run up and down the Philadelphia Art Museum steps, (the infamous “Rocky Steps” for a total of 16 miles) beating the prior recorded distance of 7 miles.

On May 1, 2010, Helene, a survivor of three brain abscesses, three brain surgeries, and reoccurring lymphoma, embarked on a quest to run across every state in America to inspire the nation to “Rethink Impossible”. Along the way she found that there’s more right with humanity than she ever imagined. In addition to and complimenting her athletic and humanitarian career, Helene has written four books, is a nurse, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and was recently featured in the acclaimed documentary "The Human Race". However, her greatest accomplishment is being a mom & grandmother.

Helene has spoken in 50 states, over 300 hospitals. cancer centers, as well as prestigious institutions, schools, and corporations.

More about Helene Neville can be found on her website
Facebook: OneOnTheRun
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