Flamenco Arts Festival announces 20th anniversary grand celebration lineup September 26 - 29, 2019

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Four days of events with two mainstage concerts featuring Eduardo Guerrero from Spain and Andres Vadin from the U.S.

“Since its inception… Santa Barbara’s Flamenco Arts Festival has evolved into what can only be described today as a coveted destination for the world’s finest flamenco artists” Cami Barnwell / SB Independent

Join us for our 20th Anniversary, promising to be the most exciting season ever for the Flamenco Arts Festival in the City of Santa Barbara, where breathtaking natural beauty meets a rich reflection of Spanish culture and tradition in the celebration of flamenco. We are proud to present the Opening Night Concert with guitarist-composer Andres Vadin and his ensemble of five musicians in the Santa Barbara Debut of INFLUENCIAS and the U.S. premiere of Eduardo Guerrero’s FARO – a tour-de-force production of physical stamina and flawless technique.

Flamenco Arts Festival welcomes a lineup of world-renowned flamenco artists from Spain and the U.S. to Santa Barbara to celebrate its 20th Anniversary, featuring the U.S. Premiere from one of the most-watched talents of international dance, Eduardo Guerrero. Four days of festivities offer unprecedented access to music and dance and opportunities for the entire community to participate in events and educational programs designed to transform lives. The Flamenco Arts Festival is an international cultural arts event coinciding with National Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Experiencing flamenco of this caliber engages us at the most human level of excitement, drama and joy that transcends language and cultural lines,” said Vibiana, Founder and President of the Flamenco Arts Festival. “We are proud to expose Santa Barbara to artists like Eduardo Guerrero who is making his mark on the flamenco scene with a new perspective, and to come together around a work that is as intensely personal as it is global. We wanted to highlight flamenco music this year and invited Andres Vadin to perform for the Opening Night Concert. He is a phenomenal guitarist and is making his Santa Barbara Debut with a group of very talented musicians for an evening of original compositions.”

Festival guest artists from Spain will perform, teach, lecture, and interact with participants throughout the four-day festival that includes the Opening Night Concert and reception, Gala Performance and after party, a tribute to a flamenco legend, as well as dance and music workshops for children and adults, and a flashmob.

Festival Schedule at a Glance

  • Thurs., Sept. 26 / Opening Night Reception and Concert, Andres Vadin Project, SB Debut of INFLUENCIAS
  • Fri., Sept. 27 / “Flamenco on the Street – Flashmob” and Dance and Music Workshops
  • Sat., Sept. 28 / Red Carpet Gala & U.S. Premiere of Eduardo Guerrero’s FARO, Award Presentation, After Party
  • Sun., Sept. 29 / Dance and Music Workshops

The Festival kicks off Thursday, September 26 with the Opening Night Concert, featuring the Andres Vadin Project in the Santa Barbara Debut of INFLUENCIAS. A pre-concert celebratory reception on the Lobero Esplanade begins at 6:00 pm with wine tasting provided by the SB Winery. The reception is free to ticket holders.

Friday, September 27 the streets of Santa Barbara heat up with a Festival first, “Flamenco on the Street – Flashmob” public dance event, led by Eduardo Guerrero and free to the community to watch or participate. The time and location will be announced soon.

Saturday evening, September 28, after making their red carpet grand entrance to the Lobero Theatre, Gala Performance attendees will be the first audience to experience Eduardo Guerrero’s award-winning FARO in its U.S. Premiere starring Guerrero, Anabel Rivera and Manuel Soto (singers), and Javier Ibanez (guitarist). As part of the premiere of FARO, Luisa Triana, legendary Hollywood dancer, choreographer and visual artist, originally from Seville, Spain will receive the Alberto Pizano Award for the Arts. The excitement continues immediately following the premiere of FARO with the after party held in the Lobero Courtyard. The celebration will feature music, delicious paella and tapas by L.A. Chef Roger Navas-Balladares, giveaways, and a special 20th Anniversary Festival toast. Attendees will get a chance to meet Compañía Eduardo Guerrero and Luisa Triana, and share their enthusiasm with fellow flamenco aficionados.

Since its inception, the Festival has provided accessible and affordable flamenco training to professionals, students, and aficionados alike through its Access to the Arts initiative. This year’s event includes workshops in dance, guitar, singing, and cajón (drum), and includes FREE introductory dance classes for children, teens, and adults — something for every flamenco lover! Classes are on Friday, September 27 and Sunday, September 29, at SB Dance Arts conducted by masters from Spain and the U.S. including Eduardo Guerrero, Andres Vadin, and Diego Alvarez. Anabel Rivera and Manuel Soto join forces to offer the cante workshop that will be fun, entertaining and educational.

Founded in 1999 by Vibiana and her father Alberto Pizano, the Festival is a unique international cultural arts event and was established with the goal of celebrating cultural diversity in the arts and introducing Santa Barbara and the South Coast to a caliber of flamenco artists and performances never before seen in the area.

“We offer special thanks to our outstanding 20th Anniversary partners and sponsors, whose support is critical to creating community around the Flamenco Arts Festival’s artistic and educational initiatives, and to promote Santa Barbara as a world-class destination for the arts,” said Vibiana.


“With a contemporary air that exalts—rather than obscures—flamenco tradition and a technique and stamina that boggle the mind, Eduardo Guerrero’s professional trajectory has done nothing but skyrocket.” —Justine Bayod Espoz, Dance Magazine

Eduardo Guerrero is one of those rare performers that electrifies every minute he is on stage. Unafraid to push boundaries, he dances with a beautiful, brutal fury, carving geometric shapes in the air as quickly as sensuous, sinewy movements. Skillful, calculated precision can shift to a sense of wild spontaneity within seconds. As Guerrero himself has said, his dance is a pure expression of his soul.

Born in 1983, Eduardo Guerrero began dancing when he was six years old, developing his skills at Carmen Guerrero’s School in Cádiz. Later on, he worked with dancers such as Mario Maya, Antonio Canales, Manolo Marín, Eva Yerbabuena, Aida Gómez, Rocío Molina, Javier Latorre, and Rafael Aguilar.

In 2002, Guerrero began to work with major artists who recognized his immense talent enhanced by his physical stamina and flawless technique. He garnered leading roles with Aída Gomez, Eva La Yerbabuena, Rocio Molina, The Spanish Ballet directed by Javier Latorre, and Amador Rojas’ dance company, amongst others.

In 2011, his choreography Mayo was awarded first prize by the Professional Conservatories. Soon after that, Guerrero embarked on a solo career, creating productions such as Suite Flamenca, De Dolores, Las Minas, and Re-torno as well as the award-winning Guerrero, which one the 2017 Audience Award at the Festival de Jerez.

FARO, the Festival’s Gala Performance, premiered at the Flamenco Biennial of Seville in September 2018.

Now one of the greatest names in the international dance world, the Flamenco Arts Festival is proud to welcome Eduardo Guerrero to the Lobero Theatre, a dancer who can rightfully be called a tour-de-force.

Manuel Soto and Anabel Rivera are two magnificent singers who perform with Eduardo Guerrero along with guitarist Javier Ibañez.


"...a dancer in full progression and has already become one of the main icons in the Flamenco dance." Diario de Cádiz - A.C.

"...Brutal..... Radical. He dances with fury and from the guts.... this Flamenco dancer never loses his elegance, the style that is his hallmark." Diario de Sevilla - Juan Vergillos

"... a contemporary air that exalts rather than obscures flamenco tradition, and a technique and stamina that boggle the mind..." Dance Magazine - Justine Bayod

1.    Dance Magazine's "25 to Watch" 2018

2.    Best Show Prize in Flamenco Festival de Jerez 2018

3.    Audience Award of the Jerez Festival 2017

4.    Dance First Prize of the prestigious Las Minas de la Unión Festival 2013

5.    First prize from the Professional Conservatories for original choreography (‘Mayo’) 2011


After enjoying the Opening Night Reception, prepare to be thrilled by the Santa Barbara Debut of the Andres Vadin Project. The music concert features Los Angeles based composer-guitarist Andres Vadin, Manuel Gutierrez (vocals, dance), Yosmel Montejo (bass), Ioannis Goudelis (piano, accordion), Diego Alvarez (percussion), and Jose Cortes (vocals). Andres Vadin’s talent spans many different genres while highlighting the flamenco guitar as a universal instrument with no boundaries — a breathtaking fusion of traditional and contemporary interpretations, often infused with Cuban, Arabic, and jazz influences.

Vadin has played for some of the most talented flamenco artists known today, including Antonio Carmona, José Antonio Rodríguez, and Maria Juncal. He has also collaborated on Latin Grammy-nominated albums twice — in 2005 with Aceituna sin Hueso on the album Cuba Le Canta A Serrat and in 2017 with Oskar Cartaya on the album Bajo Mundo. He has toured throughout the world performing with Concha Buika, Faramarz Aslani, Wadih Al Safi, Billy Cobhan, and in festivals such as WOMAD, Glastonbury, Montreal International Jazz Music Festival, and at rock legend Steve Vai’s Big Mama Jama Jam-a-thon.

Pre-concert celebratory reception starts at 6:00 pm on the Lobero Esplanade with complimentary wine courtesy of the SB Winery. Free to ticket holders.


In the early 1990s Vibiana, President of the Flamenco Arts Festival, saw a string of flamenco performances during her month-long stay in Sevilla. She was very impressed with the performances and afterwards wondered why a world-class flamenco company couldn’t appear on the stages of Santa Barbara. That trip inspired her to found the Flamenco Arts Festival in 1999.

For twenty years, the Flamenco Arts Festival and its directors, Vibiana Pizano Smith, John Haro, Pablo Pizano, and Maria Cabrera have helped Santa Barbara become a focal point for flamenco in the United States by bringing internationally renowned artists from Spain to an American city rich with Spanish heritage and respect for its traditions.

Many of the giants of flamenco have performed to near sell-out crowds during the annual Festival, such as Patricia Guerrero, Maria Juncal, Angel Rojas, Carlos Rodriguez, Eva la Yerbabuena, Cristina Hoyos, Israel and Pastora Galván, Javier Barón, Antonio Najarro, and Rafael Amargo. Some of the up-and-coming artists who appeared at the Lobero alongside these masters are now ‘giants’ in their own right.

The Flamenco Arts Festival has partnered with local community organizations and schools to help make the Festival accessible to children and families by providing them with opportunities to attend Festival events through the Access to the Arts Initiative. Classic flamenco movies have been shown as well as live interviews with the visiting performers. The workshops conducted by the visiting artists have given local flamenco artists and the general public the opportunity to work and interact with Spanish masters.

None of this would have been possible without the support of local individuals, businesses, public agencies, foundations, and the unfailing support of the audiences, which for 20 years have given the Flamenco Arts Festival a warm and enthusiastic reception. The success of the Festival’s artistic and educational programming have confirmed the founders’ belief that there can be no better location for the Flamenco Arts Festival than the city of Santa Barbara.

“Since its inception… Santa Barbara’s Flamenco Arts Festival has evolved into what can only be described today as a coveted destination for the world’s finest flamenco artists” Cami Barnwell / SB Independent

HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH (September 15 – October 15):

National Hispanic Heritage Week was initiated in 1968 by President Lyndon Johnson and expanded to a one-month celebration in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan. It is designed to recognize the Hispanic presence in the United States and the contributions they make to enhance the quality of life in America. The Flamenco Arts Festival joyfully joins the nation in celebrating, not only Hispanics, but also the heritage and culture of all Americans, which is freely shared with all who value the richness that comes with diversity.


Opening Night Reception and Concert
Sept. 26 / Lobero Theatre / $19 - $45
Reception 6:00 PM — Concert 7:30 PM
Tickets: lobero.org or 805-963-0761

Also featuring Manuel Gutiérrez (vocals, dance), Diego Álvarez (percussion), Yosmel Montejo (bass), Ioannis Goudelis (piano, accordion), Jose Cortes (vocals).

While we often think of flamenco in dance terms, it cannot exist without its heartbeat: the music. What better way to kick off this year’s festival than by celebrating this life force of flamenco!

After enjoying the Opening Night Reception, prepare to be thrilled by the Santa Barbara Debut of the Andres Vadin Project. This musical journey features Los Angeles based composer and guitarist Andres Vadin who has assembled some of most talented artists working today for this one night only event. Andres Vadin’s talent spans many different genres while highlighting the flamenco guitar as a universal instrument with no boundaries — a breathtaking fusion of traditional and contemporary interpretations, often infused with Cuban, Arabic, and jazz influences.

Join us for the pre-concert celebratory RECEPTION, on the Lobero Esplanade, with complimentary wine tasting sponsored by the SB Winery. Free to ticket holders.

Red Carpet Gala and After Party
In the U.S. Premiere of FARO
Sept. 28 / Lobero Theatre / 7:30 pm / Gala $35 - $100
Tickets: lobero.org or 805-963-0761

Also featuring Anabel Rivera and Manuel Soto (singers), Javier Ibañez (guitarist)

Make a grand entrance on the red carpet along with other aficionados. We plan to celebrate this 20-year milestone in style! Arrive early to enjoy the no-host bar while the anticipation and excitement build for the thrilling premiere of FARO.

Like a shining beacon, Eduardo Guerrero will immediately draw you into FARO (Lighthouse). Inspired by a journey across Spain to discover the magic and majesty of the country’s lighthouses, this tour-through-dance starts in the north, with travels to the Faro de Peñas in Asturias, with a final stop in Cádiz, where the lighthouse plays a significant role in Guerrero’s first childhood memories.

FARO is an exhilarating, exciting, unscripted performance that fills the air with electricity thanks to Guerrero’s mesmerizing moves infused with passionate music and the vibrant colors of his changing costumes. It’s at once intense, playful, and bold — razor-sharp with calculated precision that excites with a sense of spontaneity.

Post-concert CELEBRATION includes paella and tapas by L.A. Chef Roger Balladares and special giveaways. (Tickets $20, see below).

presented to flamenco legend
This event is part of the Red Carpet Gala

As part of the premiere of FARO, the show will open with a presentation honoring flamenco legend Luisa Triana in recognition of a lifetime dedicated to the arts as a dancer, choreographer, and visual artist.

Luisa Triana’s career in flamenco spans an impressive seven decades and includes performances in prestigious theaters in Spain and around the world, including our very own Lobero Theatre in 1962 where she returns as the recipient of this prestigious award.

Sept. 28 / Lobero Courtyard / $20
Immediately following the premiere of FARO
Tickets: lobero.org or 805-963-0761

After the premiere of FARO, the excitement continues as we commemorate the founding of the Festival in 1999. The celebration will feature delicious paella and tapas by L.A. Chef Roger Balladares, giveaways, and a special toast to the FAF. Plus, get a chance to meet Compañía Eduardo Guerrero and Luisa Triana. No host bar.

Limited Capacity – only 140 tickets available! For planning purposes, tickets will only be sold online in advance. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

Dance and Music
Sept. 27 and Sept. 29 / SB Dance Arts / Ticket prices vary
Something for everyone!
To register and purchase tickets: brownpapertickets.com/profile/382732

Learn from the masters from Spain and the U.S. – Eduardo Guerrero, Anabel Rivera, Manuel Soto, Javier Ibañez, Andres Vadin, Diego Álvarez. Beginning to advanced classes for all ages and levels are offered in dance, guitar, singing, and cajón (box drum), including two FREE introductory dance classes for children, teens and adults.

Sept. 27 / Time and location TBA
Free community event!
To register: brownpapertickets.com/profile/382732

GET READY! On Friday afternoon guest artist Eduardo Guerrero will lead a flashmob at a popular downtown location. All flamenco dancers of any age and level are welcome to participate.


Interview Requests
Reporters, still photographers and video crews are invited to attend Festival events for live or pre-recorded interviews with the visiting artists and/or with Festival president and co-founder, Vibiana Pizano. Eduardo Guerrero is available for interviews from Spain at anytime and for live interviews in Santa Barbara on Thursday, September 26 and Friday, September 27.

High-resolution images are available to the media for the purpose of preview/review articles, community calendars, and associated media coverage.

Press Tickets
Members of recognized media outlets may receive two complimentary tickets for review purposes only. To request tickets, send an email to the address listed below and include the following information: Write “Press Ticket Request” in the subject line of the email. Include your name, the publication or media outlet you are reviewing for, and when you anticipate your review to run.

There are limited press tickets, so please request tickets at least two weeks in advance of any production or event. We are unable to honor same day requests.

Festival Contact
For access to a photo gallery link, to schedule an interview, or request tickets, send an email to info@flamencoarts.org

Tickets to the opening night concert, gala performance, and the after party may be purchased online at http://www.lobero.org; by phone at 805.963.0761; or in person at the Lobero Theatre box office, located at 33 East Canon Perdido Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

Tickets to the workshops may be purchased online at https://www.brownpapertickets.com/profile/382732.

Information about the flashmob event may also be found at https://www.brownpapertickets.com/profile/382732.

Flamenco Arts Festival thanks the following organizations and businesses for their generous support of the 2019 20th Anniversary Festival:

City of Santa Barbara, Consulate General of Spain in Los Angeles, Latin Percussion, Mosher Foundation, Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation, Santa Barbara County Office of Arts and Culture, Santa Barbara Winery Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles, Towbes Fund for the Performing Arts, Zegar Family Foundation.

This project is funded in part by the Organizational Development Grant Program using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission.

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