Former Congressional Candidate: Was There Loss of Voter Integrity in the 2019 KY Governor's Race?

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Written by: Wayne L. Iverson, MD. When there is voter integrity in an election, everyone wins. This article highlights why there is interest in checking voter integrity in the Bevin vs. Bashear Kentucky Governor Election 2019.

Wayne L. Iverson, MD

Having been a candidate for Congress, I thought it was striking that the November 5, 2019 election for the Governor of the State of Kentucky came in with a razor thin margin uncharacteristic of that night's election results. Andy Bashear reportedly received approximately 5,000 votes over his opponent Matt Bevin out of a total of approximately 1.4 million votes casts. Close and hotly contested elections always raise the question as to whether voter fraud occurred and did it flip the election results enough to put the wrong candidate in office. The country is painfully aware of the “hanging chad issue” in the G.W. Bush vs. Al Gore Presidential Election and the vote count in Florida.

As someone planning a run for Congress, I took notice how U.S Senator Al Franken’s ascended to office in Minnesota a decade ago and the recount. That is when the phrase arose to “keep doing recounts until the count comes out right”. But in Minnesota a second tactic was employed to flip the vote which goes by the designation of the Secretary of State Project.1* This is where the Secretary of State oversees the voting process rules in a contested race. 2* Less well known is the tactic employed during the Sharron Angel vs. Harry Reid for US Senate 2010 Nevada where electronic voting machines in the Las Vegas area were used. Unexpectedly, Harry Reid won that race and, according to the polls, won and received many votes more than forecasted. 3*. The joke about voter fraud in Chicago is that “everyone votes even those in their grave”. So going back and checking votes mailed in can be useful. In States that don’t do picture voter ID there is no verification of whether the person voting is indeed that person. States like California are notorious for groups being transported from polling place to polling place and voting more than once for a particular candidate.

It would be important to do a full blown audit of the voting procedures used in the 2019 KY Governor’s Race and carry out a meticulous recount. Reasons for doing this include making sure the correct person ascends to that office. Secondly, any voter fraud that occurred will be a model that will be used for continued fraudulent practices in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Two national organizations have been tracking voter irregularities and voter fraud for several years. These are True the Vote and Election Integrity Project California. They can provide training and assistance to grass root citizens wanting to help improve the accuracy of voting results in America’s elections. They are non- partisan and do not want to see any candidate, Democrat, Republican or Independent be the victim of voter fraud.

Was there loss of voter integrity in the 2019 KY Governor’s race? If so, every fraudulent vote stole an equal number of lawful votes from Kentucky citizens. Matt Bevin will be serving the State of Kentucky and the United States of America an important service pursuing an audit and recount of this year’s election for Governor in Kentucky.

Wayne L. Iverson, MD is a Physician in Winchester KY and Former Candidate for Congress 2012 CA District 52
Media Contact: Wayne Iverson (858) 204-8701 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4197, Winchester, KY 40392

3*.; Results

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