Former Insurance Executives give captive Insurance Agency & Aggregator models a run for their money and Launch Ready to Launch Business INC

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Up until now, Insurance Agents looking to open their own Agencies have had limited options with downsides at every turn. Former Insurance executives & renowned industry experts Abraham & Roshena Boling are re-defining what it means for agents to "go-independent"

So, you want to open an Insurance Agency. Up to now, you have had three basic options:

1) Go captive, gaining instant recognition and brand name awareness, but forever limiting your options on types of insurance you can write and lines of business you can pursue. Your future is left to the corporate board and a group of underwriters. If they decide to increase your largest client's renewal by 30%, or completely change course on a specific class of customers you have worked to develop a niche with, there is not much you can do.

2) Go Independent, tying your agency to a national aggregator who collects a very good portion of your commission and oftentimes owns a portion of your book of business in some way, shape or form.

3) Go it alone as an Independent Insurance Agency and hope for the best. 92% of Agencies that choose this path end up failing.

Former Insurance Executives Abraham & Roshena Boling have a plan to change that.

Nearly 10 years ago, Abraham & Roshena Boling started Contractors Insurance NW INC in a spare bedroom of their house and grew it into a massive operation, spanning five states and insuring thousands of contractors. "In the early days, it was really tough" recalls Abraham Boling, Contractors Insurance NW's former CFO & COO. "We would drive sometimes a couple hundred miles one way to get a check that would pay a bill to keep us going for just a few more days, until we had to make another sale. At one point, I turned to Roshena and said 'it's a good thing we're doing this now, because I'm never starting another business again.'"

You know what they say, never say never. Fast forward a decade, past many trials and errors, developed, re-developed, and re-re-developed systems and processes, and most importantly, many successes, Abe & Roshena found themselves getting a little bored. "Our Agency had grown to five states and had thousands of clients, and unless one of our key employees was out sick or on vacation, we found ourselves with little to do" says former Contractors Insurance Northwest CEO Roshena Boling.

The couple ended up spending almost a year in Hawaii, homeschooling their four children. Abraham commented, "It was a pretty awesome experience and something not a lot of people get to do". Still, something was missing. The Bolings found themselves with an interesting problem: the Agency ran so efficiently due to the incredible systems and processes developed by Roshena Boling that really, there wasn't much for them to do. "During our time in Hawaii, I spent a lot of time in the pool, we drove to different parts of our island, visited a neighboring island, hiked through incredible volcanic landscapes, but over time, we just started talking about what we wanted to do next. What our next adventure would be. By nature, Roshena and I are workers, so not having anything pressing to do goes against the very nature of who we are." said Abe.

After many ideas, the Bolings figured out what their next big move would be: Helping up & coming Entrepreneurs succeed. At first, they were going to take a wide approach and retro-fit their systems and processes to fit any industry, but they quickly realized what, to the rest of us, was the obvious: they could make the biggest impact in the industry they know like the back of their hand: Insurance.

Now, they have Launched "Ready to Launch Business INC", whose tagline is "We Build & Scale Insurance Agencies". "I see myself, 10 years ago, in almost everyone I talk to" says Abe. "I am so excited for us to help all of these people succeed".

Abe & Roshena took the most challenging aspects of starting and scaling an Independent Insurance Agency and developed custom "business packages" to address the needs of each category. Categories include helping Agency Owners get appointed with companies to write insurance through; setting up & utilizing an industry leading client management system; custom built websites; developing strategic sales and advertising plans; developing effective and efficient back-end systems and processes; developing logos; ongoing consultative support & sales training and more.

Agents that are either currently independent or looking to become independent can purchase these packages individually, or they can choose all the packages, known as the "Complete Agency Setup".

Abe Boling ended with: "In 10 years from now, I'm excited for us to look back and see all the lives that were changed because of their partnership with Ready to Launch Business. The way we did business certainly changed our lives and I'm absolutely positive it will do the same thing for other people."

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