Fostering Healthy Imagination and Reading During Back to School Thelma Thistle by Children’s Author Joyce Crawford McIntosh Florida

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Parents, Grandparents and Educators will love to know that Thelma Thistle is changing hearts, minds and yards around the globe. Not only are children learning to read, they are also exercising their imagination at

The Adventures of Joyce and Thelma Children's Book

The Adventures of Joyce and Thelma Children's Book

Fun with a positive message. Wildly adventurous with a positive message, a children’s book with a lasting impression. How wonderful Ms Crawford, thank you!

Inspired by Chevy Chase in the movie Funny Farm when the lead character hits the wall with writer’s block his wife says, “writing is easy, I can do that.” “And she does and that’s how I got inspired to write too. I wanted to teach a moral lesson to children and just knew it would grow from there and it did.” Joyce Crawford.

Joyce wrote her first Thelma book in 2016 and quickly went on the do 3 more and she has a 5th book in the series coming out by end of 2018. Thelma Thistle was recently represented in Italy at the Bologna Children’s book fair and in Guadalajara at the Guadalajara Mexico book fair.

Speaking recently to a group of children at a readers group Joyce asked, “Did you know spiders have multiple eyes and racoons are related to bears?”

“Joyce is just amazing in the way she communicates with children. She connects with them on a deep level and ignites their imagination.” Tina Foster mother of 5-year old.

“I teach Sunday School. I love it when the children’s eyes sparkle and that’s my motivation. I love God’s beautiful world and my Thelma books are an outlet for my God-given imagination and if parents and children can bond as a result I’m all the happier!” Joyce reflects.

In human terms, Thelma would be seven years old. In thistle terms, she is about four inches tall; an average size for a little thistle her age. She lives with her family and many, many friends and neighbors on the ditch bank of a quiet country road.

In her journey of life, Thelma has many adventures and much to learn--just like you and me. In the Thelma series books, Thelma experiences love, joy, disappointment, anger, jealousy, envy, fear and sorrow. She learns that one does not need to be beautiful or dainty to be special. Thelma discovers she is special because she is strong and brave.

When asked if Thelma would become a cartoon or a movie Joyce laughs and says matter-of-factly that she should return the call of “naming” major studio in Hollywood in case they had that idea in mind.

“It would have been strange and humorous if someone walked in to see me at play when I was a child. I lined up my sock monkey, my teddy bear and baby doll. I’d sit next to them pretend that I was in Church and my husband, their father was the preacher. “I’ve always had an imagination and always loved the beauty of God’s world and wanted a front row seat, this is what I hope to give to children when they read Thelma, a front row seat to a new and amazing world 4 inches tall!”

“I grew up in the generation when women had the option of being a teacher a nurse or a stay at home mom. I think girls can do anything they want to, and I think reading is a big part to help prepare them for the future,” Joyce went on to say.

All of the Thelma Thistle books can be purchased at and on Amazon and from other online retailers. The author is available for podcast and media interviews and can be reached directly at 352.591.9686 and via email at Gj1924ok(at)

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