Fresh Tri App Offers New Way to Measure Habit-Change Progress

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New features help users view healthy-eating progress and share social support without social pressure

“In our system, appreciation is freely exchanged, while qualities such as compassion, honesty, resilience, and self-awareness are celebrated.”

Users of Fresh Tri®, a neuroscience-based habit-formation digital app, can now check in on their progress with a new tool that captures insights, reframes perceived failures, and celebrates effort. They can also share expressions of appreciation and love with others in the Fresh Tri community.

Fresh Tri is a rapidly growing digital health company whose app — co-developed with Walmart and available to users directly or through their employers, health plans, or health providers — is designed to help people improve their lives by changing their eating habits. Fresh Tri does this by:

  • Training people in the Iterative Mindset™, a resilient way of thinking that empowers people to transform their lives without performance-centric goals and tracking.
  • Choose and practice science-backed healthy-eating behaviors until they become habits.
  • Participate with others in interactive video mindset training sessions led by nationally recognized clinical experts.

Fresh Tri’s latest release includes a chat-based check-in system that prompts users to reflect on the specific habit, or “Tri” (pronounced “try”), they are practicing in the app. Whether users have taken action, hit a snag, or gained an insight that can help them make better choices, the app guides them to notice what is and isn’t working and to acknowledge the personal qualities that are helping them progress.

“Traditional goals-and-tracking methods backfire because any perceived failure triggers an area in the brain that kills motivation to keep trying,” explains Fresh Tri founder and CEO, Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH. “By training people to iterate — to practice and tweak daily habits — we help them overcome barriers of long-term change such as relapse, weight regain, plateaus, and self-doubt."

Users also can now send and receive “hearts” in the Tri(be) section of the app — though the app doesn’t tally these acknowledgements the way “likes” are tallied on social media platforms.

“People want to support each other and feel acceptance and belonging, not competitiveness and self-judgment that often is felt on social-media,” explains Bobinet. “In our system, appreciation is freely exchanged, while qualities such as compassion, honesty, resilience, and self-awareness are celebrated.”

Fresh Tri is available to individuals through the App Store and Google Play. Fresh Tri is customizable to employers and healthcare organizations seeking to support weight loss and various other types of healthy-habit changes.

About Fresh Tri
Fresh Tri is a behavior-change technology company with offerings focusing on mindset, practice, and iteration. Fresh Tri’s digital app trains users in a unique mindset, called the Iterative Mindset™, inviting users to test-drive healthy habits, thereby removing the guesswork and feelings of guilt and shame that can often accompany efforts to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Fresh Tri guides users in a simple, positive, fail-safe approach based on the brain science of habit formation.The Fresh Tri solution draws on the success of a study the company conducted with Walmart associates that demonstrated Fresh Tri’s method led to statistically-significant weight loss, habit formation, and improved psychological factors. Find out more about Fresh Tri:, Instagram, Facebook

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