FRIED TALK Keeps Pumping Amid Crisis

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American Filmmaker Bryan N. Hadley Paints An Expanding Picture Of Film Variety With FRIED TALK. FRIED TALK Is One Of The Most Colorful, Talent Rich & Hard Working Sketch Comedy/Drama Videos In America.

“It’s tough as hell to read and hear what victims of coronavirus go through, and it’s very hard to wrap your mind around what medical providers are going through trying to help these people and save their lives,” said Austin filmmaker and actor Bryan N. Hadley from his home in Austin this week. “Medical personnel battling coronavirus across the US are the entire embodiment of the word ‘warrior.’ They’re working thirteen or eighteen hour shifts in hospitals trying to help people and so we should respect what they do, pray for them and everyone, stay home ourselves to keep spread down and, then, we should continue to do what we do (professionally) from home.”

That’s why Hadley keeps producing FRIED TALK each week on YouTube with the help of six cast members. “When coronavirus really started to dig deep across the country, I actually thought of just closing shop on acting and writing for a few weeks and months but that’s not how I do things. I got a bunch of messages from friends across the country who told me they needed the drama or the levity through comedy which helped take their mind off things for a few minutes. So, that’s what we do as actors and that’s what we’re supposed to do,” said Hadley.

The entire cast of FRIED TALK is currently practicing social distancing for the show. Hadley films with his camera in Austin while all other cast film separately on their phones in Texas & California. Actors Bryan Rogers and Alan Zaizar are in Austin while actors Rahul Chakraborty, Ashley Law, Kayleigh Smith and Chris Lemchi reside in Los Angeles. FRIED TALK is known among acting circles in Austin and LA as a highly expansive piece of film/video art which opens the envelope on drama and comedy. It doesn’t follow any tone. The show sets the tone with new characters, twists, writing and creativity every single week.

“I love that FRIED TALK is really a compilation of mini stories in the mind of Bryan Hadley,” says Austin actor Alan Zaizar. Hadley began producing FRIED TALK in April 2019 with his cast of six and he says they are a big reason why he loves producing the show. “I’ve worked with a number of actors and Rahul, Ashley, Bryan, Kayleigh, AZ and Chris are super talented and perceptive actors. They just get it and their rich, deep talent keeps painting the canvas and that’s what gives you great joy if you’re a true film artist. There’s nothing wrong with celebrity as an individual but they do what they do to paint the story. The story is most important and the human beings you do it with,” says Hadley.

The key, human facet Hadley always looks at when thinking of hiring an actor for any film project is humility.

“I don’t need to be famous. I just want to become an actor I can be proud of and that’s my dream. Bryan is very creative and what he does with FRIED TALK is something nobody else is doing in America,” says Bryan Rogers. Hadley wraps FRIED TALK each week with one focal point in mind: Creative sketch drama and humor which aims to uplift. “The one thing coronavirus teaches us in this segment of time is to enjoy each day of life, be thankful and hold onto the best things in life which are always free. In film, your best creativity is always free of charge and it’ll teach you and the world something. We hope FRIED TALK continues to provide some cognitive lift to the audience who watch it each week and I also hope some comedy sketches give people a big laugh. We need it right now,” says Hadley.

Longtime, close friend and fellow actor Rahul Chakraborty concurs with that sentiment. FRIED TALK in NO way, shape or form makes light of disease or crisis; however, FRIED TALK will exercise some humor on the issue of toilet paper craziness, for example, or it will offer poetic drama, appropriately. “Bryan’s great, mental ability resides in being able to present extremely serious issues in a very comical envelope. He has always had an unconventional way of telling stories and FRIED TALK is no exception to that signature,” says Chakraborty.

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