Fuel Ox LLC Introduces Fuel Ox Infinity Lube™ Enhanced with Patented Metal Conditioner that Improves and Sustains Equipment Performance and Efficiency

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Liquid, grease and spray Infinity Lube™ products help create smooth, case-hardened alloy layer on metal surfaces, boosting equipment durability, performance and operating efficiency. Lubricant products combine with Fuel Ox fuel additives to offer multifaceted sustainability solution for vehicle, marine vessel and heavy equipment.

Infinity Lube Family Shot

Infinity Lube™ liquid, grease and spray lubricants are formulated with a disruptive, patented technology that conditions metal to improve performance and longevity in engines and other machinery.

Fuel Ox LLC, a maker of next-generation fuel additives that improve truck, boat and heavy equipment operating efficiency and reduce their environmental impact, today unveiled a breakthrough solution to maximize equipment performance and sustainability with the launch of Fuel Ox Infinity Lube™.

Infinity Lube™ is a line of lubricants formulated with a disruptive, patented technology that goes beyond simple lubricity to substantially improve performance and longevity for engines and virtually any other metal machinery. Unlike conventional lubricants, which merely add a temporary film layer and coating to reduce friction and displace water, Infinity Lube products contain HDI-2500, a patented conditioning compound that enables the carbonitriding, or case hardening, of metal friction points in machinery.

As temperatures increase, the carbonitriding process diffuses carbon and nitrogen into metal to create a smooth, super-hard protective alloy layer of up to 15 microns (0.015 mm). This surface area conditioning reduces friction, lowers operating temperatures and substantially decreases wear and tear of vital machine components.

Rand Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Fuel Ox, said Infinity Lube helps further position Fuel Ox as a partner for businesses looking to improve the sustainability of their operations, while lowering operating costs and boosting equipment performance.

“The Fuel Ox line of products improve sustainability for customers across a wide range of industry sectors by maximizing the life and performance of their essential equipment while also reducing environmental impact,” said Taylor. “Adding Fuel Ox with Combustion Catalyst to your fuel tank can improve fuel efficiency by as much as double digits, reducing fuel costs as well as equipment downtime and greenhouse gases. And now, adding our Fuel Ox Infinity Lube to oil reservoirs, gearboxes, bearing cases and other moving machine components can significantly reduce equipment maintenance costs and downtime, prolong its useful life, further improve fuel efficiency and cut oil change frequency by 66 percent or more.”

Infinity Lube products are non-toxic and were developed and tested in various industrial applications over more than 20 years prior to their commercial launch. The product lineup includes:

  • Fuel Ox Infinity Lube Liquid Friction Eliminator – A premium, bio-based liquid lubricant that is compatible with conventional and synthetic engine oils, gear oils and all hydraulics. Based on field testing, adding 2 oz. of Friction Eliminator per quart of oil to the equipment oil reservoir can triple the length of time or mileage between oil changes.
  • Fuel Ox Infinity Lube SG Super Grease – Created for even the most rugged environments, Infinity Lube SG Super Grease can be used in virtually any automotive, heavy equipment, marine and industrial applications. Designed for chassis fittings, bucket pins, springs, water pumps, bearings and any general lubrication, it can also be used in automatic dispensing systems and wet/underwater environments. Recent tribology lab testing (ASTM-D4170) conducted by Falex Corp. showed it reduces wear as much as 700 percent vs. leading competitive grease lubricants.
  • Fuel Ox Infinity Lube Penetrating Lubricant Spray – A premium penetrating non-aerosol spray lubricant, cleaner and degreaser made with plant-based essential oils, it can be sprayed on any point of friction to reduce wear and tear and loosen rusted, stuck or frozen metal parts.

Fuel Ox Infinity Lube products can be purchased through Fuel Ox’s website, http://www.FuelOx.com, or by calling toll-free (844) 8FUELOX, and they can also be found on Amazon, Walmart Marketplace and eBay. Package sizes range from individual bottles/tubes for private owner-operator usage up to fleet-scale drums and barrels.

About Fuel Ox
Fuel Ox LLC manufactures and markets fuel additives and lubricants to help truck, marine vessel and heavy equipment owners and fleet managers operate sustainably by improving the fuel efficiency and performance of their equipment while reducing maintenance costs, equipment downtime, harmful emissions and pollutants. The company's flagship product, Fuel Ox with Combustion Catalyst, comes in a variety of seasonal and application-specific formulas. Now available commercially, Fuel Ox Infinity Lube complements the Fuel Ox fuel treatments with a proprietary formula that lubricates, conditions and hardens metal machine parts, reducing friction and operating temperatures and sustainably improving durability and performance.

Companies interested in testing Fuel Ox fuel additives and Infinity Lube products in their fleets and heavy machinery or retailing Fuel Ox products may call Alec Taylor, Fuel Ox director of operations, at (844) 8FUELOX for a consultation. To learn more, please visit http://www.FuelOx.com and follow on Facebook at facebook.com/FuelOx/, LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/Fuel-Ox-LLC/ and Instagram at instagram.com/FuelOx/.

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