Fuel Ox LLC Owners Incorporate as Industrial Sustainability Group; ISG to Drive Expansion for Breakthrough Fuel Additives and Lubricants as Total Sustainability Solution

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Industrial Sustainability Group Inc., or ISG, is a new name and organizing structure for the ownership of Fuel Ox™ and Infinity Lube™ products that align with the company's increased focus on providing comprehensive solutions to help fleet and equipment operators improve their sustainability performance while reducing operating costs.

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Seizing an opportunity to position its growing portfolio of next-generation fuel additives and lubricants as a total sustainability solution for fleet, equipment and machinery operators, the ownership structure for Fuel Ox™ and Infinity Lube™ products has incorporated as a new entity: Industrial Sustainability Group Inc., or ISG.

This new organizing structure and name align with the company’s increased focus on providing comprehensive solutions to help fleet and equipment operators improve their sustainability performance while reducing operating costs. Under ISG, the company intends to expand its geographic reach, grow its distribution partners and increase the availability of its products, which were developed for heavy duty trucks, buses, service vehicles, marine vessels, heavy equipment and virtually any machinery. The company’s primary products – Fuel Ox fuel additives and Infinity Lube lubricants – use patented, proprietary technologies that substantially reduce environmental impacts, improve equipment performance, life and durability, lower operating costs and, in the case of the additives, increase fuel efficiency.

“Incorporating as Industrial Sustainability Group is a natural next step in our evolution that reflects both the purpose of our business and the value our products deliver for our valued customers by reducing their fuel and maintenance costs and improving their environmental performance,” said Rand Taylor, CEO of ISG. “Our full-service suite of products offers a total sustainability solution, and we are proud of our role to help fleet owners manage their costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Market Demand
ISG products serve as cost-efficient solutions to help reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants and extend equipment life at a time when environmental sustainability continues to rise in the public consciousness. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of people surveyed in the U.S. and 49 other high- and middle-income countries believe climate change is a global emergency, according to 2021 research by the University of Oxford in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme.

More corporations in a wide range of sectors have set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are reporting more transparently about their sustainability performance. More than 90 percent of the companies in the S&P 500 publish sustainability reports, according to 2020 research by the Government & Accountability Institute, up from 20 percent just a decade prior.

ISG is poised to meet those needs as a differentiated solution as global demand for fuel additives and lubricants continues to grow. According to 360 Research Reports, the global bottled fuel additive market will grow from $9.6 billion to $11 billion (2.1 percent CAGR) by the end of 2026. The global lubricants market, estimated at $124 billion in 2019, will eclipse $126 billion by 2027 (3.9 percent CAGR) according to Fortune Business Insights.

Company Background
Taylor founded Fuel Ox LLC in 2014 with his son, Alec, after they acquired the exclusive rights to commercialize a patented fuel additive formula previously used only by the U.S. military and select private sector industrial fleet operators. Branding the product as Fuel Ox, they began selling direct to heavy-duty fleet and equipment operators near their Western New Jersey headquarters. Seven years later, the company supplies more than 1,000 fleet and equipment operators in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. From 2016 through 2020, the company has grown annual sales by an average revenue increase of nearly 50 percent a year.

Fuel Ox Additives
Fuel Ox is differentiated from conventional fuel additives by a patented organometallic combustion catalyst that oxygenates and lowers the ignition point of fuel to produce a more efficient combustion cycle in any engine that runs on petroleum-based fuels. Adding one ounce of Fuel Ox to 80 gallons of fuel (or 1 gallon for every 10,000 gallons) can improve fuel efficiency 7 to 10 percent or more depending on operating conditions and fuel quality. The improved combustion cycle reduces soot by more than 50 percent while also cutting carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions by 20 percent and 10 percent, respectively. In addition to reducing air pollution and greenhouses gases, Fuel Ox reduces soot buildup in engines and diesel particulate filters (DPF), prolonging DPF life while reducing equipment downtime from manual DPF regenerations by 60 percent as well as other costly repairs and maintenance.

Infinity Lube Lubricants
Industrial Sustainability Group recently expanded its portfolio to include Infinity Lube, a line of liquid, spray and grease lubricants formulated with a plant-based technology that goes beyond simple lubricity to substantially improve performance, durability and operating life of engines and virtually any other metal machinery.

Unlike conventional lubricants, which merely add a temporary film layer and coating to reduce friction and displace water, Infinity Lube™ products contain HDI-2500, a patented conditioning compound that enables the carbonitriding, or case hardening, of metal friction points in machinery. As temperatures increase, the carbonitriding process diffuses carbon and nitrogen into metal to create a smooth, super-hard protective alloy layer that reduces friction, lowers operating temperatures and substantially decreases wear and tear of vital machine components. Using Infinity Lube increases lubrication up to 20 to 40 times longer than conventional lubricants and as much as triples the length of time between oil changes.

About Industrial Sustainability Group
Industrial Sustainability Group (ISG) manufactures and markets fuel additives and lubricants to help truck, marine vessel, heavy equipment and machine operators sustainably improve the fuel efficiency, operating life and performance of their equipment while reducing maintenance costs, equipment downtime, emissions and pollutants. The company's flagship product, Fuel Ox with Combustion Catalyst, comes in a variety of seasonal and application-specific formulas. Infinity Lube complements the Fuel Ox fuel additives with a proprietary formula that lubricates, conditions and hardens metal machine parts, reducing friction and operating temperatures and sustainably improving durability and performance.

Companies interested in testing Fuel Ox fuel additives and Infinity Lube products in their fleets and heavy machinery or retailing Fuel Ox products may call Alec Taylor, ISG director of operations, at (844) 8FUELOX for a consultation. To learn more, please visit http://www.FuelOx.com and follow on Facebook at facebook.com/FuelOx/, LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/Fuel-Ox-LLC/ and Instagram at instagram.com/FuelOx/.
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