Global Capital Network (GCN) features GATC Health as medtech impact brand to consider as a strategic partner for Family Offices, Angel Investors, Venture Capital & PE

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Recently, GATC & Liquid Biosciences signed a partnership agreement that combines Liquid Biosciences’ evolutionary math and GATC’s artificial intelligence focused on predictive multiomics known as Multiomics Advanced Technology™

Next Generation Medtech Platform

Next Generation Medtech Platform

This impactful medical AI technology and JV can significantly reduce drug development costs & personalize healthcare. We want to highlight it as a strategic partnership opportunity to private & institutional capital sources around the world - Josh Bois, CEO Global Capital Network

The GCN team has found that the GATC Health is making innovative advancements in biotech that can impact lives around the world with their genomic testing and AI platform. GATC deploys a Multiomics Advanced Technology, known as “MAT”. GATC and Liquid Biosciences entered into an agreement to work together on specific pharma projects utilizing their groundbreaking technologies and artificial intellignce to discover biomarkers for disease states and to find potential drug solutions by pointing pharma to new drug development areas or repurposing existing drugs.

These technologies significantly reduce the time of analysis in these areas. The partners believe that prescription drugs can be brought to market with a massive reduction in the average man hours currently spent on development. Obviously, this could play a major factor in reducing the cost of drugs. The JV with Liquid Biosystems will allow for the combination of expertise and bleeding edge technology of GATC to identify biomarkers and find solutions leading to the development of new drugs faster and thus allowing them to get to market faster and impact healthcare in the real world at an accelerated pace.

The GATC management team formed the strategic partnership to assist and enhance the services offered to pharma by Liquid Biosciences. The combination of Liquid Biosciences and GATC technology can be utilized by many of the companies our network members have ownership of or have made investments in. Before we tell you how, here is a closer look at what GATC can do…

GATC is focused on analyzing the whole genome consisting of 6.4 billion data markers; compare this to many other genomic testing companies that run an average of less than 500,000 data markers. With its MAT platform, GATC can run 8 billion interactions in minutes which allows for the analysis of massive amounts of data for drug discovery while also providing more personalized analysis that can also be used for individuals. This will help the science and medical communities bring us closer to true “personalized medicine”.

GATC and Liquid Biosciences recently announced that they will work in discovering disease biomarkers and identifying potential treatments.

Liquid’s Perspective
Patrick Lilley, CEO at Liquid Biosciences, opined that, “This partnership will provide a more detailed picture of how a disease works along with valuable insight into potential treatments.” He went on to say that, “By combining our Emerge mathematical evolution platform with GATC’s comprehensive biological analysis, we can identify the right biology sooner and focus on a smaller set of potential compounds early in the preclinical development process”. This, according to him, “will give pharma companies the ability to develop drugs with higher efficiency and success rates.”

What the Collaboration Will Entail
The initial pipeline of diseases slated for evaluation includes a variety of neurological diseases with significant unmet needs. Liquid Bioscience’s proprietary Emerge platform, using multi-omics assays, will agnostically discover the biological processes that are involved diseases. GATC Health’s innovative Multiomic Advanced Technology™ (MAT) will then focus on the most important biological processes to illuminate functional biology, model potentially influenceable pathways, and identify potential treatments.

What MAT Does
MAT is a suite of digital neural networks specifically designed to leverage ‘omics datasets and provide insight into human biology. This proprietary platform combines advanced computerized intelligence and quantitative ‘omics data to model biological interactions with billions of data points, thereby reducing drug discovery timelines by millions of man-hours. The unique ability to illuminate functional biology across ‘omics modalities, including genomics, gene expression, proteomics, and microbiomics, produces the most accurate picture of the biology of a disease as of now. MAT results can lead to fast-tracking drug development, pre-screening clinical trial participants, identifying new drugs, and repurposing existing treatments.

What GATC Health Has to Say
John Stroh, CEO at GATC Health, said that “Drug prices are often driven by the high level of risk and uncertainty in drug development. Along with a lengthy timeline, the process may require upwards of seven million man-hours and cost billions of dollars.” The collaboration, according to him, “will accelerate the process, minimize risks, and reduce costs.” He added that the team at GATC Health is “excited about this partnership and is looking forward to the opportunity of enhancing the drug development process and improving personalized medicine.”

What GATC Can Do
With our introduction to GATC we hope to provide you with an introduction that could be extremely valuable for your healthcare portfolio clients.

We covered in general the possible speed to market on drugs. However, in addition to identifying biomarkers and the drug discovery aspect, we believe we can improve safety and accuracy of clinical trials by analyzing the multiomics of trial participants for predicting the outcome and providing a safer environment and better results. We all have relationships with companies developing drugs that may not be progressing as quickly as expected. You may find GATC helpful in this regard.

About GATC Health
GATC Health uses its Predictive Multiomics™ technology to advance drug discovery and improve human health. Its proprietary Multiomic Advanced Technology (MAT™) sequences an individual’s DNA and provides a complete understanding of a person’s genetics. Combined with the evaluation of other omics, this yields the most comprehensive individual health analysis currently available. GATC Health’s innovative technology takes healthcare from reactive to predictive, making it truly personalized medicine.

About Liquid Biosciences
Liquid Biosciences radically reduces diagnostic and drug development risk, time, and cost; from preclinical research through to regulatory approval. Its Emerge bio-analytics platform agnostically discovers and models the nonlinear dynamics of how biology, behavior, and circumstances interact to drive patient outcomes. The company’s mathematical evolution technology goes beyond existing artificial intelligence capabilities. It has produced superior accuracy, insights, and explainability in every head-to-head comparison with other analytic methods. Liquid Biosciences' clients include major biopharma firms, diagnostic companies, and world-class research institutions. It has completed over 165 major analytic projects across 44 diseases by using the full spectrum of clinical trial, real-world, and multi-omics biomarker data.

About Global Capital Network
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