Glutality Introduces Remote Diabetes Patient Monitoring, Adapted for COVID-19

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Glutality is a cloud based Remote Patient Monitoring program which has integrated advanced cellular connectivity in important medical devices such as glucometers, scales, and blood pressure cuffs with its Diabetes Management Platform.

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A path to providing efficient healthcare solutions to diabetes patients in times of pandemic has been found. Glutality, a leading med-tech company in the field of telemedicine, telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM), has announced that its industry leading platform, along with its array of connected devices is now available to assist diabetes patients in diagnosis, treatment and emergency care, from the comfort of their own homes and without the need to visit their local clinic or family doctor’s office. Aside from the time and money this saves people dealing with diabetes, the company’s innovative system can also help save lives – many lives.

The demand for remote healthcare has always been high – even before the current COVID-19 crisis. The crisis only served to speed things up, rapidly. In that sense, Glutality was ready for the ‘big wave’ caused by the virus and had managed to develop a tried-and-true method of providing continual, high quality, affordable remote healthcare, even when diabetes patients cannot leave their homes, let alone possibly put themselves in harms way at a hospital emergency room.

Now, more than ever, remote healthcare is vital

These times have found diabetes patients, as well as people dealing with chronic disease and other health complications, between a rock and a hard place. They do not want to jeopardize the treatment they receive but are concerned about coming in close contact with others at healthcare facilities. Furthermore, hospitals are less and less able to give extensive care since staff need to focus on the overwhelming amount of Coronavirus patients. These new realities have highlighted the need for quality, affordable, remote healthcare options.

Glutality’s team of leading healthcare and IT experts, along with the technology developed by the Florida-based company, ensures a remote, tailor-made, just-in-time, patient generated health data driven treatment for diabetes patients across the US. The turn-key, easy to use cloud based platform also also provides doctors and nurses the tools and information they need to properly monitor their patients’ wellbeing and administer actionable adherence plans for patients to follow. In other words, instead of trying to make the patient suit itself to the healthcare system’s sometimes outdated way of working, Glutality’s technology makes sure all stages of the treatment are given to the patient exactly when, where, and how they need it.

When technology meets medicine

Glutality’s idea is based on the ability to track a patient’s situation at any time and from any place via their cell phone or tablet, and immediately report findings to physicians. This patient generated health data also enables the company’s expert analysts to maintain a personalized, privately secured database for each patient - hence creating a simple and speedy connection to a vast amount of healthcare providers.

Diabetes patients have always had to deal with a need to be alert to any medical emergency, and now with local clinics and hospitals being inaccessible sometimes, the only way to provide that kind of readiness is via cellular technology. That’s where RPM and Glutality comes into play. Glutality’s RPM platform can pinpoint the problem without a need for in person, face-to-face meetings with a health expert. It does so by recognizing indicators of risk based on clinically developed algorithms that then will alert Glutality’s 24/7 Support Team as well as the patient’s provider. The contact with healthcare providers becomes simpler via mobile and, accordingly, the providers chosen are sure to be top-notch at their field. Glutality’s algorithms do not only improve the care given to those in need - they also actually save lives.

About Glutality

Glutality is an American based startup, with a focus on improving the field of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) through constant technological advancement. The company specializes in comprehensive remote monitoring and treatment given to diabetes patients, with an emphasis on rapid and constant monitoring of glucose levels and other key health indicators. The main principle guiding Glutality’s way is the need to use tomorrow’s technology on today’s healthcare system.

Founded in 2019, Glutality has already become a key player in the RPM game, with the company’s goal being enabling personal treatment at affordable costs. Round-the-clock monitoring is what enables the treatment’s proven effectivity and improves the lives of tens of thousands across the country, daily.

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