Gold Photothermal Therapy – The Clifford Clinic’s latest treatment for recurrent acne

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Latest Acne Treatment - Gold Photothermal Therapy

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“At Clifford, we will provide no less than what is needed, and more if the patients desire so,” Says Dr Ee. “We do our best to ensure that everyone walks out more than satisfied.”

What is Gold Photothermal Therapy?

The Clifford Clinic is pleased to announce their latest treatment for recurrent acne: Gold Photothermal Therapy (Gold PTT). It uses a combination of nanotechnology, ultrasound and a unique laser to treat acne at its core. Performed by the skilled and experienced team at The Clifford Clinic led by Dr. Gerard Ee and Dr. Chow Yuen Ho, Gold PTT acne treatment may just be the silver bullet to the acne nightmares plaguing many.

How does Gold PTT work?

As the name suggests, the key component in Gold PTT is the gold nanoparticles, specially engineered to have increased affinity for the pores of the skin. This allows them to be precisely and accurately delivered into the pores of the skin when using sonophoresis (a type of drug delivery using ultrasound).

During treatment, an ampoule containing the gold nanoparticles are applied onto the patient’s face after the latter is cleansed. Following that, the gold nanoparticles are delivered into the pores via sonophoresis. This is performed using Bellasonic, an ultrasound machine imported from South Korea designed for skin treatments. Excess gold nanoparticles left on the skin surface are then wiped off.

A specialised long-pulse diode laser is then used to excite the nanoparticles, heating them up. This heat thermally lyses the sebaceous glands in targeted pores, reducing their secretion permanently. This heat also kills Cutibacterium acnes (bacteria responsible for causing acne), reducing the risks of inflammatory pustules and papules forming. Overall, this provides a long-term solution to recurrent acne.

Unlike other lasers used in dermatology, the diode laser used in Gold PTT does not interact with the skin directly, only interacting with the gold nanoparticles. This allows for a highly localised treatment where healthy skin is left undisturbed. The leftover gold nanoparticles are inert and will not react with skin tissue and secretion. They will eventually be shed off together with dead epidermal cells.

Furthermore, the treatment is practically painless, and most patients only report mild tingly sensations during the treatment.

Why Gold PTT?

Dr. Gerard Ee, Medical Director of The Clifford Clinic, believes that all skin problems, like acne, should be tackled at the roots.

The Clifford Clinic always puts the interests of their patients in the first place. Hence, Dr. Ee is always on the lookout for the latest treatment methods and technologies in aesthetics medicine. He has set his eyes on Gold PTT this time as it has seen promising clinical results while causing minimal discomfort, and has seen practically no cases of severe side effects in clinical studies.

Dr. Ee also believes in offering a variety of options for the same condition. Even though The Clifford Clinic already offers a wide range of options to treat and prevent acne and its symptoms, (AGNES Acne, Q Switch Laser and V beam laser) Dr. Ee has decided to bring in Gold PTT as it works via a different mechanism compared to the other treatments on offer. Because every individual has different expectations and requirements, having multiple treatment types on offer allows him to tailor-make the treatment routine for every single of his patients.

“At Clifford, we will provide no less than what is needed, and more if the patients desire so,” Says Dr Ee. “We do our best to ensure that everyone walks out more than satisfied.”

With promising results, practically no side effects, no downtime and minimal discomfort, it is easy to see why practitioners of aesthetics medicine like Dr. Ee have high confidence in Gold PTT. Especially with technical advancements in nanotechnology allowing Gold particles to be manufactured in nano sizes, Gold PTT truly puts the “gold” in the gold standards for acne treatment.

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