Groundbreaking New Book Shines a Bright Light on Health and HealingAlternative Therapies Reject Pharmaceutical Drugs and Invasive Procedures

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The standard model of Western medicine believes that aging and chronic disease are inevitable outcomes, but Dr. Ana Mihalcea proposes alternative treatments based on light and science.

“This book is a wake-up call that puts the Medical Industrial Industry on notice,” says JZ Knight, a well-respected spiritual leader, author and inventor of the Blu Room healing technology

A new book by a medical doctor in Washington state offers a radical but practical new philosophy on how to deal with chronic illness and aging without using intensive drug therapies or surgeries.

“Light Medicine A New Paradigm – The Science of Light, Spirit and Longevity,” written by Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, connects light and spirit with health and aging to reach new frontiers of science and the mind.

Dr. Mihalcea has an M.D. and PhD from the Rheinian Westfalian Technical University School of Medicine, Aachen, Germany with an emphasis on pathology and cancer research. She served as Medical Director at the Geriatric Center of Excellence, Providence Clinic at Panorama, Lacey, Washington and the Medical Director, Panorama Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center in the same city.

“The standard Western Medicinal model involves mechanistic management of chronic diseases,” Mihalcea said. “Unfortunately, chronic illness is accepted as an inevitable outcome. As the aging process and manifestation of chronic illness progresses more and more, pharmaceutical drugs and invasive procedures are used to maintain a level of function and quality of life that is less than optimal. This requires the ongoing management by a practitioner who understands the foreign artificial language of disease and pharmacotherapy.”

The traditional medical model is a trap, according to Dr. Mihalcea. “People are trapped in a lifelong dependency to chemical medicine. The basis for this model is the belief in disease, as well as corporate interest, that only allows solutions to be scientifically viable that can lead to profitable margins for drug companies.”

Chronic disease and aging may only get worse for society. According to the U.S. Census, the “graying of America” is inevitable. By 2034, older adults age 65 and older will outnumber children 18 and younger.

“This book is a wake-up call that puts the Medical Industrial Industry on notice,” says JZ Knight, a well-respected spiritual leader, author and inventor of the Blu Room healing technology with facilities around the world. ““Using pharmaceuticals to address symptoms does little to heal and reverse the aging processes. The new methodologies presented by Dr. Mihalcea based on science and light offer healthy alternatives that can be enjoyed by anyone.”

Through extensive research, Dr. Mihalcea weaves together multiple scientific disciplines – biophysics, genetics, quantum physics, biochemistry and neurology – with the power of the mind. How we think manifests the state of health or disease. This provides a fundamental basis for achieving modern miracles of healing that are intentionally created.

“In a light medicine understanding, you can regenerate your body,” Dr. Mihalcea says. “Since our atomic structures are made of light, we can utilize light in conjunction with combination therapies to facilities greater levels of health and well being. Our cells can use electricity light and sound as energy sources. By working with molecules that give off electricity to the body, using light for example of the Blu Room and sounds of healing frequency, we can enhance the energy in the cells need for repair and restoration. Light medicine is a new paradigm describing the science of light, spirit and longevity.”

This provocative book can be purchased on Amazon. For more information on Dr. Ana Mihalcea and her fascinating biography, please visit: website:

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