H. Raymond Godfrey’s Newly Released “Magnum Ingenium” Is a Conceptual Narrative That Explores the Biblical Notions of Wisdom and Leadership in Religion and Society

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“Magnum Ingenium” from Christian Faith Publishing author H. Raymond Godfrey is a profound book that delves into how Scripture gives Christian men a duty to lead their families and the Church and implies a duty for men to lead their nations. However, men in Western Countries have abdicated this responsibility, resulting in a hyperfeminine condition in the West.

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“Magnum Ingenium”: a conceptual narrative that specifically takes on the regression of masculinity in the West that resulted in a hyperfeminine condition in most areas of the society. “Magnum Ingenium” is the creation of published author, H. Raymond Godfrey, a licensed lawyer and registered US patent attorney, a Christian father, and a Sunday school teacher with a BS in chemical engineering and a JD from the University of Kentucky.

Godfrey shares, “This hyperfeminine condition is causing a deficiency in wisdom, a rapid decline in Christianity, an erosion of our morals and standards and a continuous slide toward socialism. This condition has been advanced in the West by four major feminizing events: separating church and state, the rise of collectivist political ideology, women’s suffrage and passage of the various Civil Rights Acts in Western Countries.

The hyperfeminine condition has transformed each of the Western Countries into a ‘feminist state’ and transformed the Christian Church into a ‘feminist church.’ The feminist state and feminist church are characterized by an excess of the seven feminine personality traits that define femininity (equality, submissiveness, emotion, biased honesty, collectivism, creativity/change and tolerance), and a deficiency in the seven masculine personality traits that define masculinity (competitiveness, assertiveness, logic/reason, unbiased honesty, individualism, tradition and obedience). The feminist state and feminist church are both self-destructive and terminal.

The feminist state is advanced in the West by ‘progressive’ political parties (e.g., the Democrat party in America) which have become the parties of women and feminine men. The policies of these parties (and the destructive consequences resulting therefrom) are founded upon the seven feminine personality traits: equality (multiculturalism, diversity), submissiveness (open borders, excessive immigration, gun control), emotion (irrational decision-making, inability to debate), biased honesty (the Constitution as a ‘living document,’ media bias), collectivism (globalism, excessive government, radical environmental policies), creativity/change (attacks on traditional marriage and families, uncontrollable government debt), and tolerance (normalizing sexual perversion, attacks on Christianity and law enforcement).

The feminist church is advanced by feminine church leaders (women and feminine men) whose ‘progressive’ policies are likewise founded upon the seven feminine personality traits and deviate dramatically from Scripture: equality (women pastors, interfaith activities, ‘coexisting’), submissiveness (no drive to defend the faith, elevating fairness/feelings over duty to spread the Gospel), emotion (Mariology, promoting excessive ‘love’ at the expense of logic/reason), biased honesty (the Bible as a ‘living document’), collectivism (embracing unGodly government edicts, elevating Church above individual), creativity/change (eliminating traditional church tenets and practices), and tolerance (normalizing sexual perversion, denying the existence of hell).”

Magnum Ingenium explains how the West came to be in its current hyperfeminine condition and describes in detail the characteristics of this condition in the state and the church. It is a clarion call to all Christian men to take immediate action to masculinize the state and the church in order to reverse this condition and ensure the survival of Christianity and Western Civilization.

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Consumers can purchase “Magnum Ingenium” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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