Hacker Halted Takes a Deep Dive into The Art of Cyberwar

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Hacker Halted, EC-Council’s largest annual cyber security conference, announced the 2017 agenda fitting with the theme of The Art of Cyber War: Lessons from Sun Tzu.

Hacker Halted 2017

The theme for Hacker Halted 2017 is The Art of Cyber War: Lessons from Sun Tzu. 2,500 years ago, Sun Tzu wrote 13 chapters on military strategy. Fast forward to today and we are still learning from th

The Hacker Halted speaker committee is combed through the dizzying stack of submissions to form the agenda for this year’s conference with a special focus on presentations that take the Chinese strategist’s lessons to heart

Hacker Halted, EC-Council’s largest annual conference, will focus its 2017 edition on the teachings of Sun Tzu as applied to cyberwarfare. The Hacker Halted speaker committee has combed through the dizzying stack of submissions to form the agenda for this year’s conference with a special focus on presentations that take the Chinese strategist’s lessons to heart and apply them to the cyberwars being fought every day across the world.

In a change to Hacker Halted’s long standing tracks, this year’s committee has chosen three brand new tracks that focus on aspects of Tzu’s teaching.

Track 1: All Cyber War is Based on Deception
2,500 years ago Sun Tzu wrote 13 chapters on military strategy. Fast forward to today and the world is still learning from those chapters and applying them in our newfound digital age. This track focuses on those very strategies from breaking resistance, knowing ourselves, and, of course, deception. This track will focus on using deception as an aid in defense, the “great results can be achieved with small forces,” and how that might apply to the potential shortfalls we are facing in this industry.

Track 2: Philosophy of Cyber War
In an age where war is waged over cables and microchips instead of battlefields, one challenge is defining what war is and when war should be declared. Boundaries are being eroded as the globalization of technology continues its march across our physical landscape. The world is facing a future where soon our very existence can be digitized and moved between any number of diverse systems. What is war these days? Is it simply the reality that anyone with sufficient knowledge and a decent Internet connection can simply declare “war” against anyone else be they human, government, or nation state? War now transcends boundaries - what DO we do?

Track 3: Tech Behind Cyberwar
Leave your 0days, leave your latest hacks behind, and bring your playbook for the blue team. The industry has more hacks and more working trojans and attack vectors than it knows what to do with. What do we actually do with them? That is the question this track will answer. This track is not about attack but ALL about defense. When a hack happens, how, where, and why does the industry react? How does one even know about a breach? Security experts fave failed their very charges by continuing to allow them to be attacked and failing at defense.

Hacker Halted’s speaker committee is made up of an all-star team of security veterans. Winn Schwartau, Founder of The Security Awareness Company and “security guy since 1983,”; Chris Roberts, Chief Security Architect at Acalvio Technologies; Aamir Lakhani, Dr. Chaos and Global Security Strategist and Researcher at Fortinet; Joe Gray, Enterprise Security Consultant at Sword and Shield; and Adrian Crenshaw, Senior Security Consultant at TrustedSec, LLC bring their vast networks and expertise to the task of filling the agenda with the top security minds in the industry.

The agenda for Hacker Halted has now been posted and highlights presentations from the best in the ethical hacking industry. The talks chosen resonate with the theme of the conference as well as current events in infosec and beyond. The opening keynote presentation is actually a panel debate moderated by industry veteran and committee member Winn Schwartau. The focus of the debate touches on issues that hit close to home for the public at large as well as the security industry. The debate, entitled “Hackers, The Media, Truth, Trust, and Alternative Facts,” will feature perspectives from Greg Carpenter, infosec professional and CCO of Pragmatick IO, Inc.; Michael J. Masucci, a Hollywood producer; and Mark Rasch, a CyberAttorney formerly of the DoJ.

After the debate and opening keynote by Chris Roberts, the track talks begin. Attendees will have a choice between talks from Dr. Catherine Ullman, Senior Information Security Analyst, University at Buffalo; James Tubberville; Executive Director of MINIS LLC; Dr. Fred Cohen, CEO, Management Analytics; Laura Samso Pericon, Executive Vice President, Centurion Technologies Consulting LLC; and Georgia Weidman, Founder and CTO at Shevirah and Bulb Security LLC among many others.

Hacker Halted 2017 and the events that surround it will be a valuable event for the information security community at large. By bringing together committees of experts to build each aspect of the conference, the quality of speakers, award winners, and panelists continues to increase each year, keeping pace with the trends in information security to arm practitioners with the skills they need to keep the world’s data safe. Tickets are limited so anyone interested in attending should register soon.

About EC-Council
EC-Council has been the world’s leading information security certification body since the launch of their flagship program, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), which created the ethical hacking industry in 2002. Since the launch of CEH, EC-Council has added industry-leading programs to their portfolio to cover all aspects of information security including EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI), Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO), among others. EC-Council Foundation, the non-profit branch of EC-Council, created Global CyberLympics, the world’s first global hacking competition. EC-Council Foundation also hosts a suite of conferences across the US and around the world including Hacker Halted, Global CISO Forum, TakeDownCon, and CISO Summit.

For more information about EC-Council, please see http://www.eccouncil.org.

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