HashCash Integrates Online Gaming with Sophisticated Cryptocurrency Exchange

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HashCash enables the seamless merging of gaming platforms with top-notch custom made cryptocurrency exchanges.

Online Gaming with Sophisticated Cryptocurrency Exchange

Undoubtedly, the concept of making online purchases using virtual money was first introduced in video games. However, the virtual economy which was initially designed for recreation is gradually crossing into the realm of real world utility. The gravity-defying profitability of tokenizing online games has become a major talking point in the industry, and is motivating studios to turn to blockchain technology to take a piece of the pie.

This has paved the way for collaborations between software development companies such as HashCash Consultants, and video game production houses to create customized native digital assets. The functionality of these will go beyond simply purchasing in-game items.

The blockchain company is bringing its expertise in providing technologically advanced banking solutions to the gaming industry by teaming up with a leading gaming company based in Australia. It will custom make a decentralized distributed platform which can be easily integrated to its existing platform for seamless utilization of its crypto coin.

Gaming Exchange & Integration with Gaming Platform:

One of the primary real-world economy applications of cryptocoins is to trade it in cryptocurrency exchanges. The value of a cryptocoin is determined by the potential or worth of the product or service it represents. So, if the native asset of a video game has to appeal to investors as a good bet, the game itself has to be captivating and worth its salt. The remaining journey of launching, listing, and setting up the exchange platform is taken care of by blockchain experts.

HashCash executes this part in its collaborations. It is a leading producer of white label cryptocurrency exchange, and the exchange platform it sets up covers features like ‘market’, ‘limit’, ‘stop orders’, ‘margin’ for placing orders and increasing the volume of trade. Multiple Access Control levels for admin console to manage gamers, developers and other stakeholders, and an Admin Panel for managing and creating trading pairs simplifies administrative functions.

Merging with the existing gaming platform is made easier with third party wallet integration, and provisioning for incentives and reward modules for gamers. Mobility between the gaming and exchange platform is enhanced by single sign-in for exchange, admin console, and gaming interfaces.

Future of blockchain in online gaming:

Blockchain technology has presented itself as a sophisticated means to make online gaming more transparent, secure and reliable - three traits essential in any arena that involves payments and dependence on stats. Cryptocurrency is becoming the standard mode of payment for in-game microtransactions, and the decentralized distributed ledger is seen as a potential enabler of better employment of resources among multiple games.

Blockchain is revolutionizing the way the world handles money, and the concept which came to our attention with Nexon’s Maple Story, is now a reality.

About HashCash Consultants:

HashCash Consultants started as a blockchain consulting company in California. Today, HashCash products enable enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time using blockchain technology. Banks, corporate houses, domestic payment networks, FinTech companies, and currency exchanges use the HC Network for retail remittances, corporate payments, trade finance, and payment processing.

Its services include complete ICO solutions, setting up white label cryptocurrency exchange platforms for clients, coin listing, utility coin offering, and providing white label bitcoin payment processors.

HashCash Consultants is actively involved in the gaming, insurance and supply chain industries.

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