Have You Been Probed by an Alien Lately? PsychTests Researchers Release the Latest Data from Their Paranormal Beliefs Test

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In the spirit of Halloween, researchers at PsychTests.com reveal statistics from their assessment of modern paranormal beliefs, including people’s attitude toward ghosts, aliens, and psychics.

The world of the paranormal still has a certain allure, even in the 21st century.

Even though paranormal experiences may not be very common, people are still willing to entertain the idea that there are still many unknowns that can’t be easily explained.

You can’t really kill the concept of the occult and of mysticism…it’s human nature to be curious about and drawn to the unknown.

Most people will likely admit that they are at least a little entranced by the idea of spirits, succubus, and sea monsters. Entertaining the possibility of the paranormal, of making the unknown known, is human nature. It’s why people instinctively knock on wood to ward off a cruel twist of fate, hesitate to cross the threshold of a haunted house, or why billions of dollars are being spent to discover life in distant galaxies. A recent study conducted by PsychTests.com reveals that while only a small percentage of people have had what could be considered a paranormal experience, belief in the supernatural is still very much alive.

Analyzing data from 2,172 individuals who took the Paranormal Beliefs Test, PsychTests’ researchers uncovered some rather interesting statistics. Here are some interesting tidbits from their study.


  • 49% of people in the sample indicated that their superstitions impact the decisions they make in their everyday life at least to some degree (e.g., not traveling on Friday the 13th, throwing salt over their shoulder when they knock over the salt shaker).


  • 91% of respondents have had a recurring dream.
  • 79% have experienced lucid dreams.
  • 6% have engaged in astral travel.


  • 1% have consulted the Akashic records.
  • 6% have engaged in past-life regression.


  • 26% have seen a ghost.
  • 7% have successfully used a Ouija board.
  • 16% have experienced poltergeist activity.


  • 12% saw/spoke to an angel or spiritual guide.
  • 3% witnessed or underwent an exorcism.
  • 7% said they cast a spell that worked.
  • 5% said they are/were victims of a curse.


  • 22% have had premonitions of events that actually happened.
  • 13% received a psychic reading that turned out to be accurate.


  • 7% said they have seen an alien or a UFO.
  • 5% have seen a mythical creature (e.g., Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster).


  • Atheists were the least likely to believe in paranormal phenomena in general; Spiritualists (people who are spiritual but not religious) had the strongest paranormal beliefs.
  • People who believe in God or other divine entity were more likely to believe in an afterlife, folklore/myths/legends, witchcraft, psychics, aliens, and, most notably, karma. That being said, Muslims were the least likely to believe in aliens, even less so than Atheists.
  • Optimists are more likely to believe in the paranormal than pessimists.
  • People who avidly practice meditation are more likely to believe in the paranormal than those who don't.
  • People who play the lottery every week have stronger paranormal beliefs than people who don't play it at all.
  • 11 people in the sample indicated that they were abducted by aliens.
  • 56% of respondents said that they are fairly or very likely to share their paranormal experiences with friends and family.

“Although paranormal beliefs have most certainly evolved over time, it’s interesting to see that not all supernatural convictions and superstitions have died out,” states Dr. Jerabek, president of PsychTests. “The expansion of scientific exploration diffused and disproved a lot of phenomena that were once considered paranormal, but you can’t really kill the concept of the occult and of mysticism…it’s human nature to be curious about and drawn to the unknown. This isn’t to say that all phenomena perceived as ghosts are actual ghosts, and that every unidentified flying object is an intergalactic visitor, but people are very much willing to entertain the possibility. We are drawn to the paranormal because it’s a mystery that we have yet to fully solve.”

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