HGE Health and Adherium collaborate to Integrate Medication Compliance Into Digital COPD and Asthma Management Platform

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Medication compliance is being added to HGE Health’s daily reports to develop clinical intervention plans for patients experiencing COPD or Asthma symptoms

"Our clinically-validated algorithms combined with knowing whether patients are in compliance with their prescriptions will also allow the effectiveness of different medications to be evaluated on a patient by patient basis," explained Michael J. Markus, PhD, the CEO of HGE Health

HGE Health has reached an agreement with Adherium to integrate Adherium’s medication compliance sensor technology into HGE Health’s digital patient management platform. The HGE Health platform currently takes into consideration a patient’s symptoms to determine whether that patient’s condition is worsening, or is expected for the current state of their COPD. Integration of Adherium’s Hailie™ sensor will allow the contribution of each patient’s adherence, or lack thereof, to an inhaled prescription drug regimen to be considered in evaluating the patient’s condition for worsening trends.

HGE Health’s digital platform and technology-enabled services, called HGE Care, allows pulmonary and primary care physicians to remotely care for patients from anywhere in the nation, and help patients better understand and manage changes in their COPD symptoms. Thanks to daily digital interaction with their healthcare team, patients are engaged in their own symptom management, and log their symptoms on the HGE Care platform over 80% - 90% of the time. In the background, Adherium’s integrated medication compliance sensor detects the frequency and quantity of an inhaled drug taken by the patient to be included in the symptom logs.

“The symptoms of patients enrolled on our digital platform may become more severe not because their current medical condition has worsened, but because they have failed to take their medications as prescribed,” explained Michael J. Markus, PhD, the CEO of HGE Health. “Our clinically-validated algorithms may recommend prescribing a higher dose of a recovery medication or other drug than was previously prescribed, but the higher dose may be unnecessary if the patient complies with the original prescription. Knowing whether patients are in compliance with their prescriptions will also allow the effectiveness of different medications to be evaluated on a patient by patient basis. This new ability to monitor and consider medication adherence is appealing to our existing customers and partners.”

“For example, Respircare in Tulsa, Oklahoma will be one of the first in the country to utilize the Hailie™ sensor with HGE technology. This new capability is already expanding Respircare’s relationships with local payors and native American tribes for COPD and asthma management in Oklahoma,” explained Dr. Mark Boomer, MD, CEO of Respircare. “Patients enjoy peace of mind that each day they experience a change from their typical COPD symptoms, their own physician/care team will provide same-day feedback, occasionally involving no more than an instruction to take a medication, as prescribed. As a result, patients breathe easier, avoid ER and hospital admissions, and enjoy an improved quality of life, all while reducing overall healthcare costs for patients and their health plans.”

“Adherium’s Hailie™ sensor was initially developed to monitor when, and how often asthma patients used their rescue inhaler,” explained Mike Motion , COO of Adherium. “The sensor technology is very adaptable, and is compatible with the majority of inhalers used in asthma treatment today and is well suited to monitor medication compliance across a wide variety of chronic illnesses, including COPD, that are effectively treated with inhaled medications.”

It is this adaptability to a variety of chronic illnesses that HGE Health plans to leverage for one of its many expansions outside of COPD planned for 2020. HGE Health, currently the market leader and only full-service remote patient management solution in the COPD space, will now expand its offerings to new and existing customers for remote asthma management as part of this alliance with Adherium. The Adherium collaboration with HGE Health provides an option available to HGE Health’s substantial customer base of payers and healthcare providers.

Based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, HGE Health has built an international reputation in the field of COPD and pulmonary medicine, helping COPD, lung transplant and other respiratory patients and physicians control pulmonary issues. With over a decade of experience remotely monitoring COPD patients and facilitating early clinical interventions, HGE Health has observed patients experiencing fewer severe symptoms and a general improvement in the quality of life.

Adherium has become a global leader in medication compliance technology by developing multiple FDA approved medical devices. Adherium’s technology has been used in clinical studies resulting in more than 80 peer-reviewed papers. The developments were motivated by the realization that more than 50% of patients suffering chronic illness do not take their medications as prescribed, leading to poor patient outcomes, disease progression, and an estimated burden of $100-300 billion annually in avoidable direct healthcare costs in the US alone, and a $564 billion burden globally. The resulting monitoring technology uses wireless communications technology to provide real-time data collection and reporting from Adherium’s Hailie™ sensors.

About HGE Health
Headquartered in Fort Washington, PA, HGE Health harnesses its deep experience in chronic disease management and digital health in pulmonary disease, telemedicine, and mobile health to develop a clinical services platform that delivers better care faster at a much lower cost for patients, physicians and payors. Built on clinical protocols developed and supported by 16 years of research, the company’s technology has compiled the longest-running and world’s largest longitudinal data set of COPD symptoms, interventions, and clinical management to help physicians provide care for a geographically and socio-economically diverse COPD and pulmonary patient population.

About Adherium
Adherium is a global leader in digital health technologies which address sub-optimal medication use in chronic disease. Among those technologies is the Hailie™ sensor technology, which attaches to prescription inhalers to provide reminders and to monitor inhaler usage. Independent studies have shown that the Hailie™ sensors improve medication adherence and health outcomes for patients with chronic respiratory disease.

About RespirCare
Founded in Tulsa, OK, RespirCare is a novel clinic dedicated to treating acute and chronic respiratory conditions, from minor to the most severe. Remote symptom monitoring is offered to allow clinical interventions to be performed immediately, as symptoms begin to worsen. Treatment is available at RespirCare by appointment and as a walk-in clinic, which is open 7 days a week to ensure immediate care is available when patients need it most. A separate waiting room available for contagious patients, and oxygen outlets throughout establishes a patient-centric waiting environment with patient wellbeing and comfort in mind. RespirCare offers regular and after-hours care for no more than the cost of a visit to your regular pulmonary specialist, avoiding the costs of an emergency department visit.

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