Hiring for Healthcare Recruiters on the Rise

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Nurse staffing agency, American Traveler, reports that not only are nurses urgently in demand, so are the individuals whose job it is to get RNs where they are needed most.

Helping clinicians to get to the facilities and the patients who need them most gives meaning and purpose to the work of recruiting.

Due to the dramatic rise in hospitals’ need for healthcare workers caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for recruiters to find and place medical professionals has also risen dramatically. Recruiters are needed to find nursing staff for permanent positions as well for contingent staff, frequently known as “travel nurses.” Travelers are sought-after because they can quickly relocate to the hospitals where they are needed most. A travel nursing assignment typically consists of a 13-week job, after which the traveler may renew for another 13-week assignment or move on to another location.

Nurse recruiters are highly-trained specialists and an integral part of many healthcare employers’ staffing efforts. These recruiters are tasked with reaching out to qualified RN candidates, matching them with employers who are seeking particular nursing skills, validating their credentials, and verifying their work experience. Essentially, the recruiting team alleviates much of the hospitals’ burden of sourcing and onboarding nurses, freeing up hospital staff to focus on patient care. Healthcare recruiters usually work for a staffing agency, and are part of a team in which various departments focus on each aspect of the sourcing, matching, and onboarding process.

With hospitals desperately in need of nurses, many facilities have turned to travel nursing agencies like American Traveler to help shore up their staff. As some permanent nursing staff enters quarantine or simply needs a break to avoid long-term burnout, travelers are more essential than ever. At the current time, American Traveler has the most open assignments it has seen in its 20 years of operation. Not only are there thousands of openings, the pay rates have risen in accordance with hiring demand.

Healthcare recruiting can be a very rewarding career. It is a chance to work with professionals of the highest caliber, who also happen to be extremely inspiring individuals. Yes, recruiting can be busy, stressful, even sometimes unpredictable, but helping clinicians to get to the facilities and the patients who need them most gives meaning and purpose to the work of recruiting.

American Traveler Recruiter, Cassie R., says of a traveling nurse team that she has worked with during the pandemic, "Mariah and Jordan have trusted me with their first two assignments. It’s been so great watching them conquer travel nursing together -- along with their fur babies. It has been my honor working with them.”

Even in non-pandemic times - which will someday return - a recruiting career develops a full slate of sales expertise: relationship building, customer support, negotiation, and commitment to follow-through -- a set of skills which enhance the capabilities of any employee.

Recruiting can also be a way to climb the sales management ladder. Matt D., who started his career as a Recruiter and is now a Sales Manager at American Traveler says, “I enjoy going into work every day and am constantly busy. There is lots of room for growth if you work hard and help the company grow as a whole.”

Covid-19 has changed the healthcare industry - and healthcare staffing - possibly forever. While it is a crisis, the pandemic is also a chance to be part of a national healthcare effort -- and to strengthen the industry’s response in times of crisis. The pandemic has presented an opportunity for individuals with an interest in sales, who may have found themselves seeking new employment, to consider a lucrative and meaningful career in recruiting. Agencies like American Traveler are actively hiring recruiters, both for remote work and for local Boca Raton candidates, to handle the unprecedented volume of healthcare staffing requests. Not only are travel nurses in demand, so are the people who find work for them.

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