Hollywood Coach Announces New Book to Help You Process Stuffed Emotions

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Spiritual coach Janelle Christa announces release of her new book The Harmony Keys

With so many of us hanging onto old stuffed emotions, there has never been a better time to discover a self-energy healing system.

On 12 of October 2020, successful author, mystic, actress and screenwriter, Janelle Christa, released her new book, The Harmony Keys. Aimed at those who find themselves struggling to move past old stuffed emotions, the book offers the tools needed to reclaim a better lifestyle.

Believing that anger, agitation, and unhappiness keeps us stuck in a rut, Janelle breaks down the role that stuffed emotions can have on our overall well-being. More importantly, she provides an insight into how to leave such feelings in the past while concentrating on building a happier future.

Hot on the heels of her successful book, The Spiritual Ninja, comes this remarkable self-help tool. Taking readers on a journey to reclaim greater health, wealth, and love, if anyone knows about stuffed emotions, it’s Janelle!

A vocal champion for bringing suffering to the fore, Janelle herself was once a victim of abuse and trauma. Growing up in the most dysfunctional family units, her refusal to give up on finding complete happiness is a testament to her status as the go-to spiritual coach of Hollywood.

In recent years, while receiving a bipolar diagnosis, Janelle has turned her attention to helping those experiencing stuffed emotions turn their lives around.

Her motivation for writing this book came from watching so many people become so unhappy with the life they were leading. Frustrated by the past reclaiming so much of their future, Janelle knew there was a solution. She just had to offer them the keys to it. Hence, The Harmony Keys was born.

With the world turned upside down on its head this year, more of us are struggling to process our emotions. Worst of all, some of us are refusing to let go of past stuffed emotions for fear of exactly what lies ahead. 

When we continue to carry a collection of stuffed emotions, the potential for damaging our relationships always lingers. So too does the threat to financial hardships and indeed symptomatic triggers on our health and body.

But what if we were to consider such emotions positive rather than negative? What if we worked on the basis that all feelings are positive and only become harmful when they are stuffed?

This book will offer you the guidance and teachings on identifying what those old stuffed emotions are. Emphasising how such reactions block us and prevent us from moving forward, Janelle also shows simple, effective techniques to completely rid you of them.

The Harmony Keys operates as a complete step-by-step guide. Taking readers through four primary emotions it shows how to identify stuffed emotions in your own personality. Highlighting the harm these emotions can create when they block us, Janelle then offers successful ways to rid of these stuffed sentiments once and for all.

As well as being a successful published author, Janelle Christa is also a director, producer, coach, healer, creator, mystic, wife, and mom. With so much life experience behind her, Janelle’s goal is to help others find their well-being in this often-hectic world. With award-winning workshops, retreats, coaching sessions, and online courses, Janelle believes everyone should have access to a better way of living. The Harmony Keys invites everyone to rid of those stuffed emotions – while creating that brighter future we all deserve.

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