How Elevate K-12 Is Solving the Teacher-Shortage Crisis

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The live-stream, high-quality instruction brand is bringing engaging teaching to K-12 classrooms in schools across the country.

The most persistent problem facing K-12 schools across the country is the teacher shortage crisis, specifically a lack of high-quality, certified teachers. Elevate K-12 is solving that problem. The live-stream instruction brand provides a groundbreaking tech service that utilizes the brand’s proprietary live-stream instruction technology to allow teachers to instruct classrooms in zip codes across the country.

“Elevate K-12 is like the Peloton for K-12 schools,” explained Shaily Baranwal, Founder and CEO of Elevate K-12. “It’s not the bike that made Peloton so successful, it’s the network of talented trainers who are now accessible to anyone and everyone, even if your closest spin class is two towns over. We’re bringing that same accessibility to teachers and K-12 classrooms across the country.”

For America’s 58 million K-12 students, a shortage of quality teachers within a school’s zip code is a critical barrier. This problem has long impacted rural areas and small towns but is slowly creeping into other neighborhoods as well. School districts in these areas often struggle to find certified teachers for all content areas to fill every classroom, let alone the types of passionate, engaging teachers who can make classes fun and effective for students. Elevate K-12 eliminates that barrier by bringing the country’s most qualified teachers to stream to K-12 classrooms in schools in every zip code through the brand’s unique Elevate Live® Technology, which was built specifically to engage and empower K-12 students. And now, with 27% of teachers considering quitting because of COVID-19, according to a new report referenced by CNBC, Elevate K-12’s solution is only expected to expand to connect qualified teachers with students in need of quality education.

“What Elevate K-12 is not is a method of force-fitting classes onto Zoom and asking students to adjust,” Baranwal said. “Rather, we’ve built incredible tech designed specifically to allow teachers to conduct incredible lessons from anywhere in the world.”

Elevate Live® transforms traditional classrooms into cutting-edge live-stream instruction classrooms, providing teachers with all the tools they need to conduct vibrant and impactful lessons and engage directly and personally with students.

“This isn’t about putting just any teacher in front of students,” Baranwal said. “It’s about elevating the kind of classes and instruction available to students. We work with the most talented teachers and provide them with a proprietary curriculum and lesson plans built for live teaching and that is integrated with our live classrooms so that the teachers don’t have to build their lessons or content. This is far more exciting and effective than what is being taught in many classrooms.”

Elevate K-12’s live classrooms take the interaction of face-to-face teaching and convert it into a live streaming experience, meaning students aren’t just taking notes from a pre-recorded video — they can fully engage with teachers in real time for a full classroom experience. And because Elevate Live® Technology is designed to work in existing classrooms, students still interact with each other in a classroom setting.

Now, thanks to Elevate K-12, no school or classroom in America will have to settle for a long-term substitute or less-than-qualified teacher simply because they don’t have a great teacher that lives in their zip code.

The company started with offering live math classes and now offers 46 different live classes, equipping every school to provide live classes in any subject, including but not limited to:

  • Spanish, French, German and American Sign Language
  • Math
  • ELA
  • Science
  • U.S. Government/Civics
  • Social Studies
  • World History
  • U.S. Geography
  • Cybersecurity
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Economics

For the over 200 schools that have already partnered with Elevate K-12, the results have been profound.

“Elevate K-12 has proven to be a trustworthy partner in our quest to provide high-quality instruction to every student in our district,” Said Keith Burton, Chief Academic Officer at Caddo Parish School Board in Shreveport, Louisiana. “Students cannot, especially in a pandemic, have extended periods without effective teaching. It’s our job as district leaders to find solutions to the problems that have created inequity across schools, and Elevate K-12 has been a significant part of the solution for us. All students, regardless of location, socio-economics, or ability, must have access to teachers delivering quality content – that’s the only way for them to reach real success.”

About Elevate K-12
Elevate K-12’s high-quality live-stream instruction brings the world’s best teachers to the schools that need them most. Through a suite of cutting-edge technology platforms, Elevate K-12 allows more than 200 teachers to conduct engaging, impactful classes in any classroom from anywhere in the world. By making high-quality teachers more accessible to more schools and students, Elevate K-12 is solving the teacher-shortage crisis, eliminating the need for long-term substitutes and providing a better education for students, wherever they are. Elevate K-12 currently operates in 11 states in more than 200 schools and is rapidly expanding to new markets across the U.S. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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